Perl module to determine file type using magic, Mandriva devel cooker for sparcv9 Mandriva for i, perl-File-Typemdvnoarch. rpm. Bug watch updates for Mandriva Linux are disabled. # error: Unsupported file type due to missing implementation of open method in LZMAHandler. [DIR], /, , -. [DIR], edu/, , -. [DIR], iggi- cluster/, , -. [TXT], , ,

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To connect a Linux client pc to a Linux server via a Bluetooth PAN Personal Area Networkone needs a bluetooth interface on each machine, and some daemons and setup files on both machines. Which file type for installation? It’s not so much more work to get Java directly manxriva SUN, go to their download page: If anyone can tell me how to debug this I’m all ears Visit the following links: If you mandfiva this setting, you also don’t get icons for usb-storage devices external harddrives, memory cards, photo cameras that comply with the usb-storage protocol.

RPM resource perl-File-Type

Added November 20 th I have not had any wireless devices to try out, in case I get my hands on some I’ll include the way to get them to work here. If those Free java implementations don’t suit your needs, you may want to go for the SUN non-free version, after deinstalling with urpme kaffe. To communicate with the phone I installed the KDE bluetooth software by doing as root: If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.


The steps to go through after installation are really much fewer than ever before, and very few things were broken that shouldn’t have been – the only things that come to mind are the USB Laptop hibernate and suspend Return to top On my laptop I knew suspend to disk a.

RPM resource perl-File-Type

Use the command urpmi kernel-source to install the correct package. Mandriva Linux Bug trackers Mandriva Linux.

Alternatively you’ll have to get Java directly from SUN. Sure, this is filstype likely not proper, but like I stated before, I’m not a guru, I just make things work and once they do what I need or want them to do, I move on. The RPC2 counter just doesn’t count, on drives that have no region set yet, this will stay that way – this I verified myself.

Ubuntu – beyond the hype Added December 2 nd Oh, and I’ve also not been able to filetyppe java games onto the phone from the Linux laptop – for MSWindows there are workarounds to achieve this, albeit not in a straightforward way. I’ve used webmin on Mandriva before and I think its best you use the rpm.

Configuration of Mandriva 2005 Limited Edition

Originally Posted by reddazz You can use either the packages from the Mandriva repos or the rpm from Webmin. To put it more clearly: Added December 18 th I bought this drive because it has a firmware upgrade tool for Linux.


By the way, some of these instructions are very much related to the hardware that I’m installing this on, so I have added the spec of my systems both hardware configuration and software config files. Added November 14 th All you have to do is this: Mandrake 10, Puppy Linux 2.

Additionally I installed it on my server which has actually been replaced with different hardware – it went from a PII to a PIIII did a harddrive transplant and a fresh install after the old machine was up for days straight.

All times are GMT Join our community today! Added July 1 st Ubuntu – beyond the hype Added December 2 nd To see what devices are seen all one has to do is right click the icon and go mandrvia ‘recently seen devices’: Note that point 7 is necessary since I wanted that clicking in a window does not bring it to front which is the case in the standard less usable behaviour.

Quite a few things are not on the 4 cds, so it pays off to add main too. So only other repositories will have to be added.