Management ve zdravotnictví: ekonomika zdravotnictví: řízení lidských zdrojů ve zdravotnictví: kvalita zdravotní péče a její vyhodnocování by I Gladkij(Book). : List of books by ivan gladkij. You can Management ve zdravotnictví Kvalita zdravotní péče a metody jejího soustavného zlepšování. Principles of Marketing, planning, change management in Health Care. Economic methods in GLADKIJ, Ivan a kolektiv. [i]Management ve zdravotnictví [/i].

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Faculty of Mining and Geology.

Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Faculty tladkij Civil Engineering. Faculty of Safety Engineering.

Gladkij, Ivan [WorldCat Identities]

Course succeeds to compulsory courses of previous semester. Managemenf course deals with the main health care issues particularly the problems of finacing and allocation of the disposal resources.


It focuses on quality and effectiveness of the health care in the Czech Republic and the EU.

Health policy, objectives, stages of health policy. Definition of basic terms: The charakteristics of goods in Health Care, market failture in Health Care.

Gladkij, Ivan 1933-

Demand and supply of Health Care. Health Care Systems in developed countries.

Systems of Health Care Insurance. Health Care Insurance companies and their role. System of Healt Care institutions in the Czech Republic and their organizational structure.

Health Care reforms in the Czech Republic. Financial management of Health Care Institutions. Principles of Marketing, planning, change management in Health Care.

Economic methods in Health Care. Ethics of Healh Care. Exercises evaluation and Examination.