This is a setting of an Office hymn generally used at Sunday Vespers, believed to be by Pope Gregory—from whom Gregorian chant takes its name. Palestrina. Lucis Creator Optime is usually attributed to St. Gregory the Great (). In , in accordance with revisions made to the hymns of the. Authoritative information about the hymn text Lucis creator optime, with lyrics.

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The latest revision of the Liturgy of the Hours Liturgia Horarumassigns it to the 1st and 3rd weeks of the psalter during Ordinary Time.

Lucis creator optime, lucem die rum proferens, primordiis lucis novae, mundi parans originem. Qui mane junctum vesperi, diem vocari praecipis, illabitur tetrum chaos, audi preces cum fletibus.

Ne mens gravata crimine, vitae sit exsul munere, dum nil perenne cogitat, seseque culpis illigat.


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Caeleste pulset ostium, vitale tollat praemium, vitemus omne noxium, purgemus omne pessimum. Praesta Pater piissime, Patrique compar unice, cum Spiritu paraclito, regnans per omne saeculum.

Magnifico creatore della Luce datore della luce dei giorni che prepara l’avvento della nuova luce nell’origine del nuovo mondo. Regna, Padre piissimo, e unico compagno del Padre, con lo Spirito Paraclito potente creztor ogni secolo.

Luis che rimani giunto al tramonto, pregusti il giorno prima della chiamata: Risuoni l’interno dei cieli prenda la vita come premio fuggiamo ogni colpa rifiutiamo ogni peccato. O Blest Creator of the light, Who mak’st the day with radiance bright, and o’er the forming world didst call the light from chaos first of all; 2.

Whose wisdom joined in meet array the morn and eve, and ccreator them Day: Lest, sunk in sin, and whelmed with strife, they lose the gift of endless life; while thinking but the thoughts of time, they weave new chains of woe and crime. But grant them grace that they may strain the heavenly gate and prize to gain: Translation by John Mason Neale.


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