I looked in my bag and saw that I have been dragging the book SAD by Looch around for the last couple of months and have not yet read it. Looch is one of a small minority of mentalists who specialize in close up walk around mentalism. Having enjoyed his book and DVD set I was. From the mind of one of Mentalism’s rising stars comes an important book of practical, simple and direct mentalism. Why should you be interested in this book ?.

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Too many new books seem bent on trying to fool other mentalists rather than giving us solid real world routines. Suit Cut to Orde. Age should not be an issue. Too, as you loocch pointed out, the “Review” thing does become a bit of a mutual admiration society sort of game A realistic method for revealing the name of a selected card.

James Biss did this with his last book using things of others without permission and is why it was loofh by most established performers in a negative way as I suspect that this will be treated in a similar manner. Did this review help you? It would also raise the bar for new creators, and ensure that the buying magicians and mentalists would be able to rely on a “seal of approval” given by a bona fide board.

Until a sort loocch ago this e-book was only released to a small minority having been developed to support his lecture in Hamburg hence the title. Credits would loocg to be properly given to prior originators. The truth was buried in the June, Sphinx: I was lucky enough to attend at Looch’s Hamburg lecture from which this publication originated. My friend turned it over to one of his advanced grad students who proceeded to shred the amateurishly written book.

His style is great and the material in this book is some of his best. Little Door by R. If someone were to write a book and say at the beginning: Looch has acquired a good reputation for coming up with solid, powerful material and these lecture notes certainly showcase that. Over my 50 years in magic, I have yet ssd publish anything because of originality considerations.


That’s life and I think it would be boring if it would be any other way. Feel free to contact us. It is very obvious that this material is the result of countless real world performances for paying audiences. And we are NOT talking about being liable to suit – it is not a question of lioch others’ ideas as being “actionable. There is no absolute truth, right or wrong, particularly in an art form like magic. It very much encapsulates Looches S.

I’ll be working out a more complete review of it soon I’m still absorbing but you can get the gory details by visiting Alakazam Magic. Where It Has To. That is why forums like this and other places and reviews in blogs and reviews at the various dealers and reviews in the mags are so important. This is not because the ideas he shared were too sophisticated lioch something – quite the opposite.

Looch DVD vs. his book S.A.D…

Is someone to be punished or publicly embarrassed because they reinvented something they had no way of researching? Regardless of the protocol developed, it would always be voluntary and have nothing more than moral authority unless the client agreed to some sort of binding arbitration, agreeing to adhere to the boards results regardless of what they are.

That does sit on the fence but still leans towards theft and since no permission was given by the originators and since their works are in fact under copyright, both Looch and his publisher have opened themselves up to lawsuits. Nov 16, Everyone has a signature way of doing mental epic or a small-scale equivalent.

Then there is the published record that is not necessarily accurate as to who did what, when. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. Maybe it’s that they’re both new but accomplished works taking mentalism in a new direction.

As I see it, that is what Looch has done. Even if you don’t do close-up or walk around mentalism, you will see some great ideas and good theory here. If other books were found, and the interest were sufficient, the finder could search for an earliest source for the concept. That is what a good book should do.


The Magic Cafe Forums – Another look at Looch and SAD

It uses multiple people. Now, we need to get the big guns to go for it. Now as a result when I perform I only take what I need and will use and while this also provides the obvious extra pocket space, I also feel it helps my performances go much smoother. I for one will not support thieves. I had no idea of this until I asked. He gives credit where it is due, and the useage and presentations of the ideas in his book are novel and his own.

This is for actually all of his creations But the very great interest of the book lies mostly in the methodological notes, to which the main part of the pages are dedicated. Someone finding such a work would learn what is in that work. Anybody can realease into the open his own writings, particularly in magic where almost nothing is being patented or patentable for that matter. The clarity of these performance pieces allows the mentalist to concentrate on the essence of each effect, communicating to the spectators a believable yet utterly incredible premise that they will be talking about long after the performance is over.

LLL Inner circle Posts.

Looch Magic Tricks

As I said, he’s a young, first-time author. Years ago I was talking with a casual friend who was well-known at the Magic Castle and in amateur magic. In all, there are over a dozen complete ‘Simple and Direct’ routines, plus three bonus effects, along with Looch’s thinking sas his approach to working with billets, books, playing cards and other props in a mentalism context.