La Zizanie (Asterix and the Roman Agent) (Une Aventure d’Asterix) (French Edition) [Goscinny, Uderzo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Asterix and the Roman Agent has ratings and 93 reviews. Ahmad said: La zizanie=Asterix and the Roman Agent (Astérix #15), René Goscinnyعنوان: آستر. Buy a cheap copy of La zizanie (Astérix, #15) book by René Goscinny. Julius Caesar resorts to psychological warfare to defeat the little Gaulish village: he’s sent.

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Asterix e Obelix dovranno lottare contro un seminatore di zizzania. By continuing to use the website, you agree to the use of cookies.

Asterix and the Roman Agent – Asterix – The official website

Dec 28, Vanja Antonijevic rated it really liked it. Kontra intelejen yang dilakukan Asterix dan Obelix ke kamp pasukan Romawi menghasilkan strategi pertahanan yang bagus. He is then told by another Official about Tortuous Convolvulus, a natural troublemaker whose mere presence causes arguments, quarrels and astrrix.

At a meeting with his associates it is suggested to Caesar that causing internal conflict between the Gauls will lead to their breakdown.

Mereka tidak akan membiarkan pasukan Romawi mengacak-acak mereka. I’ve been slowly working through the Asteriz series as an adult, and this one has been by far my favourite as yet.

I feel that it adds a lot of character depths, and blurs everyone’s motivations quite significantly. Not to mention a marvelous full page spread included in the midst of it. Suspicion and paranoia increase, until the banquet to celebrate the Chief’s birthday is held in sullen silence.

It is also interesting that astterix Senate refer to this village in Gaul as being rebellious but it is not as if they ka actually trying to expand their territory — they are pretty content simply to live their own lives in their own self sufficient village which does not need money and let the world drift on behind. Asterix lagi-lagi berhasil menggagalkan penyerbuan Romawi ke Galia kendati Julius Caesar telah mengutus seorang penghasut.


Asterix and the Roman Agent

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And can Asterix, Obelix and Getafix outwit the weedy but wily Convolvulus and get the villagte back to normal? Asterix and the Roman Agent Zizabie With all reconciled, the story ends with the traditional banquet, which doubles for a better celebration of Vitalstatistix’s birthday.

With their Magic Potion which gives them superhuman strength and is known only to their druid Getafix, The sixtheenth volume, and one of my personal favorites. Asterix and the Roman Agent. Dengan keadaan kacau balau di Galia, pasukan Romawi akhirnya menyerbu. Si Penghasut berhasil menjalankan tugasnya.

In a way I find Herge’s writing to be a lot more engaging, and substantially funnier, than the Asterix albums, simply because, in the end, they always drink the zizanid potion, asteix always end asteerix beating up the Romans.

I want to read more: Platypus summons reinforcements after Asterix and Obelix repel his garrison. Kali ini, dengan kesalahan yang berlipat: Has Asterix really sold Rome the secret of the magic potion? Leading this distrust are Fulliautomatix the blacksmithGeriatrix the elder, and their wives.

La Zizanie

The camp Aquarium troops develop a cunning form of psychological warfare involving a large club. Sep 28, David Sarkies rated it liked it Shelves: Refresh and try again. Impressed by his abilities Caesar sends him to deal with the Gauls.

Lists with This Book.

The sixtheenth volume, and one of my personal favorites. When questioned by Vitalstatistix, Asterix claims to have merely been “test[ing]” the shield intended as the chief’s birthday present. However, as has become clear by now, because they have a magic potion, defeating them by shear force of arms simply will not work, so they need another plan — thus enters Convulvulus, a guy whose presence simply sets people at each other’s throats, and a simple word can send people into a frenzy of anger. Julius Caesar turns to psychological warfare Then we see Asterix and Obelix fighting, and then running back into each others arms because they can’t be angry at each other for too long.


La Zizanie Published by: Things get worse when the villagers think Asterix has given the magic potion to the Romans.

To test the villagers’ conviction, Asterix arranges that Obelix carry him on a shield, after the fashion customary to Vitalstatistix, and thus causes another quarrel among the villagers over which of the men is the most heroic.

Aug 04, Anna rated it really liked it. Kalo Asterix bacanya entah beberapa kali. Tortuous Convolvulus the Roman agent is guaranteed to sow jealousy and discord anywhere. When Fullautomatix and Unhygienix spy on the Romans, they see a mock ‘potion’ being given to Roman soldiers; and when their presence is noted, Convolvulus has a small legionary pretend to knock out his huge comrade Magnumopus, causing the two Gauls to flee back to the village.

Jun 03, Pete rated it liked it. And the Wiki summary starts: Ovaj je bio prezabavan vjerojatno najbolji do sada. Thanks for telling us about the problem.