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Let me insist on the obvious: I kinsellaa his easy style and I whizzed through it fairly quickly. I love it, but I think it’s going to take me awhile to finish.

Great link thank you.

Madero de menor longitud de la que por el marco le corresponde. Voldemort, estuviera donde estuviese, hiciera lo que hiciese, estaba de muy mal humor wherever he was, whatever he was doing I suppose: Creo que debes empezar un thread con DocMolly sobre este tema.

Something akin to Mongolian fermented yak’s milk for the first one perhaps?

Sophie Kinsella

Gracias por vuestra ayuda. I’ve just come across a phrase in the latest book, ‘un cenicero robado al Hilton’ – an ashtray stolen from the Hilton. Maybe this will be easier.

Isabelle Allende es de Chile. Toxina by Robin Cook came and went.

Kinsella, Sophie – La reina de la casa [31726] (r1.0).epub

I have 4 books started but have hardly started the third chapter in any of them. My current book is an absolute zinger. Sorry but that the way it is.

Me pongo ahora mismo. Adios Emily Geina Emily. It also presents many of the arguments in only a pseudo-scientific manner so even a numpty like me can understand. I have noticed that many people on this forum read books which have been translated from English into Spanish.


Numpty and his books [Archive] – Notes from Spain and Spanish Forum

It can be clarified through the prepositional phrase of “a alguien. All help gratefully received. However, having stumbled in I’m humbled in awe and admiration It would be a truly sad state of affairs if a country stopped progressing for almost four hundred years, don’t you think?

They can be linked by translation, as a photograph can link movement and stasis, but it is disingenuous to assume that either translation or photography, or acting for that matter, are representational in any narrow sense of the term.

I’ve had ‘Como Agua para Chocolate’ lying around.

Any suggestions for good authors – you’ve seen the sort of stuff I like – not necessarily Spanish authors. La doctora Cole finished. I thought it was novel, not a cookery book. Think it’s explained al a footnote, but basically it is the equivalent of opening each new paragraph in an extended quotation in English with an opening quote with only having one closing quote at the end of the final paragraph.

I suppose it was because Voldemort stole the magic wand from Morfin that I felt a de would be more appropriate than the a.

Isn’t this just ‘he was a very few months short of turning 16’: It’s all grist to the learning mill. Debes ir a acostarte.

Could be; your mental health might be in a better state than I was giving you credit for- mind you, that Onedin Line always was a bit classy. Now I just bring up the accented letters in Word and then cut and paste into the post. Because I’ll get it in a couple of days reinq it’s just er easier. Cheers Deano, but I’m not sure that too many Terry and June episodes may have taken their toll. I have a substantial collection of TC including the classic where Benny the Ball wins a trip to Hawaii, and the gang gatecrash the voyage.


Well, I agree about the onions but my favorite line is when Pedro asks Tita if she loves him and she says she doesn’t know and asks him for some time to think. Still, where’s the point in being a football fan if you just pick the winners all casaa time. You wouldn’t have found “descampao” as the word should be “descampado” waste ground they have written it as they speak it ie.

Vargas Llosa is from Peru.

I’m enjoying Harry Potter – always a good yarn. Think I’d rather have the tears than onion hair! I’ve not heard a bad word about it so I’m really looking forward to it. In any case, what a level you got!! Now already into Lla Cussler’s Crisis polar. That, and more, here: Like I said, there are greater minds than mine which, hopefully, can give you a full answer.

Yep, heard that too.

Descarga: “Once a Witch” de Carolyn MacCullough!!! | Historias Hechas en el Polvo

I argued this point for months. I think the initial problem that I never got the chance to really get into it, rather just catching a few pages now and again. You’ll find konsella answers as you read on through the series, but never thought I’d put ‘contains Harry Potter spoilers’ anywhere – in my life yes.

Before I learned English in high school my native language is Dutch I had to make do with translations until I discovered the world of ‘real’ English.