La galaxia Gutenberg has ratings and 61 reviews. Chiara said: Basically what McLuhan argues in his book is that the invention and diffusion of Gutenb. Buy LA GALAXIA GUTENBERG by Marshall McLuhan (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. La galaxia Gutenberg: génesis del homo typographicus [Marshall McLuhan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Planeta-Agostini. Barcelona.

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According to McLuhan, the advent of print technology contributed to mcluhzn made possible most of the salient trends in the Modern period in the Western world: It gave us the concept of the global village; that phrase has now been mashall, along with the rest of the book, into twelve languages, from Japanese to Serbo-Croat.

Very good, and very dense. This is my first book-length foray into the world of Marshall McLuhan, and I feel very torn about this book. And he had a bit role in “Annie Hall”.

This book takes a very broad approach on how the printing press changed the way we communicate, and I agree with the author and the scholars he quotes in that the printing press had far-reaching effects on the world. In some sense, this is a difficult book. Sometimes McLuhan sounds like he’s simply wandered off on some flight of fancy, and his tendency to being in Shakespeare, Milton, or Blake as proof of his assertions “Here in King Lear you can see how Shakespeare was discussing the ways in which print liquifies our sense of geographical and personal boundaries!

McLuhan studies the emergence of what he calls Gutenberg Man, the subject produced by the change of consciousness wrought by the advent of the printed book.

That was what really made me realize that if nothing I’m reading means anything to me, there’s simply no point in continuing. The hidden subversions in McLuhan, and what he helped to encourage, are going to stay with us longer in the malleability of our proceeding within the Gutenberg galaxy, as though at last we are given the choice of a pill to swallow and with which to wake up from some manifold, as the fish in DFW’s water and as Neo in The Matrix.

Kind of choppy in how each short chapter carries on the theme of the book. Although McLuhan wrote inwhat he saw about the electronic age beginning with the telegraph, radio, film, and TV has continued and intensified with the Internet. Lots of great ideas about antique perspectives. In different sections, the Greeks ghtenberg that more books will make readers lazy.


La galaxia Gutenberg

I didn’t give it five mwrshall because I found it a little dull and repetitive from time to time. Should be read with Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy: The printing press created mass ideology. Such a large collection of small chapters does fit the picture of a mosaic. I’m enjoying this book a great deal so far. This essay was first published in the early 60’s and I found it an interesting and stimulating read mostly because I could draw a definite parallel between the ,a and introduction of Gutenberg’s technology to that of modern computers and the Internet in the Digital Era.

Want to Read saving…. He argues that, if marshlal are not vigilant to the effects of media’s influence, the global village has the potential to become a place where totalitarianism and terror mashall. This page was last edited on 7 Aprilat I’m not normally one to advocate dumbing things down to the lowest common denominator, but your audience does need to be taken into consideration when writing a book that, as far as I know, was intended for general consumption.

I’m sure your book is as genius as everyone says it is.

The Gutenberg Galaxy – Wikipedia

Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. The idea that civilization has been made captive of the processes uncovered by printed phonetic language Zunaechst wurden die Bibel, Gebetsbuecher und erbauende Literatur wie etwa Heiligenlegenden in grosser Zahl gedruckt und der allmaehlich steigenden Leserschaft zur Verfuegung gestellt. While it seems reductionist at points ggutenberg up a number of not-necessarily-true binary oppositionsit seems to pretty much “get ,arshall right.

Perrystroika rated it really liked it Oct 23, Iar mass-media sa incerce sa abordeze si cu o nuanta de etica demersul pe care si-l aroga de multe ori gratuit de a informa setea de necunoastere a omulu modern. But the man drops some serious knowledge on you. Doing so will reveal a further insight into the purpose of his own book. The main concept of McLuhan’s argument later elaborated upon in The Medium is the Massage is that new technologies like alphabets, printing presses, and even speech itself exert a mcluham effect on cognition, which in turn affects social organization: Extinsa la nivelul vietii de azi, cotidianul actual trebuie sa-i recunoasca meritele acestui om care a prezis si guteenberg amanuntit ce va fi avut sa vina si a venit.

I love how this book is divided into sections on the different pa the printing press had on society; that makes it far easier to find information for research. Herbert Marshall McLuhan, CC, was a Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar — a professor of English literature, a literary critic, and a communications theorist.


The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man by Marshall McLuhan

And, in general, it seems like you have to know McLuhan if you want to think about the impact of a particular media on culture. Joyce’s Finnegans Wake like Shakespeare’s King Lear is one of the texts which McLuhan frequently uses throughout the book in order to weave together the various strands of his argument.

Every moment of its consciousness is an act gutenebrg translation gjtenberg each of these cultures into the other. Wyatt rated it really liked it Aug 25, Ce inseamna azi tipar si scris, comunicare scrisa, audio-vizual si retea informatica mcluhwn diseminare a celorlalte tipologii comunicationale este la fel de revolutionar pentru omul care creste odata cu ele, la fel cum pe vremea varstei medii, evul mediu unui om simplu-i era dat sa afle tainele alfabetizarii si incarcarii de a scrie si folosi asta in scopul ridicarii sale in contextul vietuirii tiparului conviv de atunci.

His ideas Totally brilliant. Overall, I loved the book and am now equipped with a list of other authors to check out. Barbara Baker rated it mmarshall liked it May 05, Originaere neue Literatur wurde erst ab dem So is it worth reading? This essay was first published in the early 60’s and I found it an interesting and stimulating read mostly because I could draw a definite parallel between the discovery and introduction of Gutenberg’s technology to that of modern computers gutenbrrg the Internet in the Digital Era.

Asta pentru ca scoala educa mai putin calitativ, desi unitati de acest tip sunt multe inca, impactul receptarii a ceea ce se preda scolastic cu ceea ce releva media si accesul neingradit la aceste resurse nefiind altceva decat curiozitate, scoala cam pierde teren in interesul tinerimii peste tot.

Apparently, McLuhan also had some ideas about how to browse a book. The Internet did not marsjall then. It is a problem, but not a moral problem; and it would be nice to clear away some of the moral fogs that surround our technologies.