Sure that the dropouts broke due to no using of torque arms but also the KU controller delivers 30A (~W) to the motor which is a LOT!!. I received a spare controller for it today. It is 36v w and internally it looks almost exactly like a KU The difference being that this one has. I have redesigned the KU63 motor controller from BMSbattery. Here is the circuit: Don’t use the image above, download the circuit high.

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Reverse Engineering: Brushless DC Motor Controller

I will use this firmware as a base for the EBike controllers. BeforeI’d not worked with brushless DC motors. Please don’t forget PAS sensor, trottle is not legal in Europe. There are other places where they’ve clearly optimized for cost reducing part count, particularly around the throttle. Pull it to ground, and guess what happens? Use this method to post photos post 4: I think the issue is a wrong dead time between high side conhroller and low side, that short circuit the motor windings or mosfets a bit and that will boost the voltage thanks also to the capacitors on the board but also asks more current from the power supply and will make the noise on the motor.

Unfortunately, they also have a firmware Which means focusing on the electronics. The motor jumps again! I believe A is what you’re after anyway. I need a controller that delivers no more than W, it’s my target since I want to always pedal and I used a W motor but Contrloler need just more W to win against the wind.

The mosfet drivers are called “inverter” and as on DC-DC converters, the inverter can boost the voltage make it much more bigger than input voltage.

We have to use some other fancy stuff to go around the motor startup. I must say, the quality of workmanship on these circuit boards varies widely. The other modes like sinewave have PWM in low side mosfets I should mention that the original loom was a complete sealed unit, which commoned many of the wires in a single cable to reduce the clutter running to the front of the bike for the panel, throttle, and brakes. The connection is correct. What makes a BLDC controller good or bad?


The red wire at the other end is a 5v for throttle or PAS.

Yesterday I spent significant time drawing out the schematic of this nameless controller. Which lead me to looking for replacements. I figured if the others didn’t arrive in time, maybe I could find a match for this guy later. They’re beefed up already Dave, with wire and solder, just as you say. Until then, this textual description will have ky63 do. Why yes, there is. So, FOC already has a pretty good estimation of the angle at any given moment not only to maintain at 90, but to change that when doing Field-Weakening Controlker you do not have those two vectors, you are basically in speed control.

The controller therefore only had four cables coming out of it: The controller in the hoverboard is probably fine, but I found the ku663 of working around its firmware onerous and distasteful. Thread starter eHomer Start date Dec 29, Being very aware of the Dunning-Kruger effectI assumed that I would need to learn quite a lot, and that I’d come out the other side thinking myself an idiot. These are literally the only brushless DC controllers I could find that were 36v and reversible, and were available in the continental US.

This, I guess, is the moment when I decide how I’m going to move forward on that given that the original plan cotnroller work out. It’s a lottery whether they do it or not. There’s a slight hurdle. What, exactly, was the point controlled again?

Struggling with KU63 Controller – Endless Sphere

I’m not dexterous enough to flick the magnet rapidly past the sensor and turn the twist grip at the same time! Then with some control circuitry, it should be able to adjust the speed of each to achieve whatever result it wants. If so, then maybe my rewire is just feeding a controllr voltage back, regardless of what the panel is showing the leds do step through the three settings when the pas button is pushed. You see, these wheels and the base they’re attached to have a lot of intertia.


The two pads are SH and SL for high and low brake signals.

Second, you controlller all the warnings about using a front motor on aluminum forks, especailly a powerful one.

Life is so much sweeter with this forum This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. But for now just as 6 steps the same as KU63, JUxx controllersjust like the original firmware does when starts the motor and run it at very low speeds, before commutate to sinewave.

Magnetic Flux and Torque.

The problem is that there’s several inputs to the CPU around the PCB, and the programmer can use any of them for anything. They are dual silver conductors near the edge of the board, opposite the wire exit.

ku36 Thanks Dave, I’ll take the board out of the controller tomorrow and check the connections. Let’s open it up and see what’s in there Deleted member Guest Dec 29, The angle estimation is unknown at standstill if sensorless. So how did that happen, you ask? It’s a waste though running around with a FET controller putting out a say 15A.