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runAnime: Komik Naruto Chapter

Guy opens the seventh gate and attacks Madara with a powerful punchbut to komlk avail. May 2, ISBN As the beasts get dragged in, B severs one of his own tentacles, while Kurama calls out to Gaara to ask a favour.

Naruto and the tailed beasts notice the summon, and that Madara no longer has an Impure World Reincarnation body. Narrowly escaping Tobirama ‘s attackMadara seemingly gains the upper hand on the Second Hokage only for him to disappear from sight before launching a follow up attack, giving Gaara enough time to escape with Naruto.

Meanwhile, Orochimaru and his team take cover, planning a surprise attack on Tobi. As the mysterious person makes their way closer to Sasukeneither Tobirama nor Karin can recognise them, nor their chakra signature. Elsewhere, Black Zetsu and Obito argue over the Rinnegan while Madara jumps atop the statue and focuses his Rinnegan on them, causing the tailed beasts to be sent hurtling backwards.

And if I stick it in a pencil extender — that socket you put on the end of a pencil stub to keep using it — it’s even easier to draw with. It really reduces the time it takes me to complete a draft!

Naruto surmises that Madara had Obito bring him back to life. Apologising to his master for being delayed so long, Naruho Zetsu informs Madara that not only was he able to retrieve the eyebut also Yin – Kurama from Minato as well. With the tailed beasts intent on fighting Madara head on, the Allied Shinobi Forces ‘ members decide to fall back in order to not become collateral damage.

Seemingly content with that, he commands Zetsu to bring both to him, but as the clone tries to leave Obito ‘s body — no longer concerned about the threat around him — but finds himself unable to as his konik regains consciousness. Koimk the Uchiha begins to boast, Naruto and Kurama lead the counter-attack on Madara by giving him a serious tail-whipping.

Manipulating the komk to boomerang across the battlefield, Madara is able to break the section of the chain Gaara held and reconnect it to the beast all while sending ,omik sword directly at Gaara whose automatic defence protects him against the attack, but he is still knocked down. Using his medical ninjutsu along with his knowledge about Hashirama’s cells, Kabuto begins treating Sasuke under the instruction of Tobirama.


This lead Shukaku to notice that the kanji for the word “love” which was craved on Gaara’s forehead was actually a combination for the kanji for “acceptance” and “heart”.

Retrieved from ” http: Meanwhile, as the remainder of Kurama’s chakra dissipates from around Sakura, she wonders why her techniques are ineffective until Gaara informs her that Kurama had been extracted from Naruto, and his only komim was to get to Minato and Yin-Kurama as Yang-Kurama had instructed.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Unaffected by these harsh words, the clone soon tells Madara that all was being taken care of on their side.

Meanwhile, Guy is ready to continue fighting, though he is obviously extremely worn out. Despite being impaled by wooden stakesKarin merely bites herself to recover from the injuries. Using the opportunity to attack, the tailed beasts each take a swing at their opponent, giving the sand-manipulating duo an opening to use their Desert Layered Imperial Funeral Seal technique to seal Madara away.

There’s something that I discovered only very recently, in regards to how I draw my manga drafts. As Naruto lies dying, Sakura continues to use medical ninjutsu on him to no effect.

As the other sensor-type ninja detect Naruto’s presence, Hinata sees Naruto’s failing heartbeat and rushes to his side, only to stumble and fall due to her low chakra levels.

Renouncing Madara’s action and his plan as he remembers Naruto’s words, Obito states that his current self is the one that wanted to become Hokage — a person who stands at the forefront of hardship themselves and doesn’t manipulate others to achieve their own goals. Shukaku tells Kurama not to fret over kokik human, leading the fox to tell the tanuki never to underestimate Madara. With Sasuke in 6588 better a condition, an anguished Tobirama laments his inability to help the young Uchiha, fearing the worst when he could no longer sense Sasuke’s chakra.

Madara prepares to perform a summonwhich puts Kurama on edge, recalling when it was summoned by Madara once before.

Komik Naruto Indonesia – Share Info

Karinwho is visibly distraught over Sasuke, is barely able to convey 65 she senses. As the Kazekage’s group arrives, Minato asks Kakashi to fight Obito alongside Gaara as the Hokage starts transferring his tailed beast in his sonall the while remembering narutto conversation with his wife over protecting their then-unborn child. The assailant is revealed to be Tobiwho still seems intent on uncovering the mechanics behind bowel movements.


Readjusting his strategy after contemplating his minion’s words, Madara turns his focus on the One-Tail. Calling to him to stand by his side as he had once before, Obito starts walking towards Madara while Minato, Kakashi and Gaara try to stop them. However, their efforts prove futile as Sakura watches on horrified and confused as she tries her best to keep Naruto alive.

As the White Zetsu Army clone decries Gaara’s actions — having protected the creature which caused him to suffer for so long, and also that Gaara won’t die even if Shukaku is sealed in the Demonic Statue — Madara equips his Susanoo and launches one of its swords at Gaara. Elsewhere a desperate Karin is able to manifest the Uzumaki chains and decimate parts of Tobi ‘s statue. In the real world, Kakashi is saved from Madara’s attack thanks to Guy.

The Beginning of the Crimson Spring (volume)

Contents [ show ]. Suddenly, Gaara narugo Sakura fly overhead. Guy deduces that they will head for Kakashi ‘s location, and gets even more determined to go, exasperating Tenten. Though Madara tried to trivialise Guy’s incoming onslaught as nothing more than leaves naeuto fall and rot in autumn, Guy corrected him, declaring that those leaves would become nourishment for the new leaves on the tree before reaching his target and attacking him with the Evening Elephant.


As grief overtakes both Sakura, whose chakra is rapidly diminishing, and Karin, who senses Sasuke’s predicament from afar, both realise that if things continue like this both Naruto and Sasuke will die.

Noting that the technique was a good one — albeit without any wallop — Madara is surprised when Gaara immobilises him with the residual sand that was left inside of his body after the attack. Elsewhere, Sasuke clings to consciousness by remembering his resolve to honour his brother ‘s sacrifice and to change the shinobi world, but his energy fades as Madara walks away from him. The resulting attack was enough to damage Madara, sending his right arm flying, and forcing him to retreat.

Once in the other dimension a wary Sakura allows Obito to start the tailed beast transfer. The tools land on Guy and Lee and Tenten then recognises the tools.