If you need manual resolution please select Model-Inherited. It means that you will have to set up desired rendering resolution in your main XML Scene file and . M aterials are a very im portant part of a rendered im age and can m ak e th e difference betw een a ph oto realistic look ing im age and an artificial look ing one. Hi two weeks ago I read somewhere here about that there is a manual in the works which deals with how to set up materials like SSS etc in KT.

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When I open Kerkythea and go to open this file nothing appears on the screen. You will be greeted with a list of all the material libraries you downloaded and installed earlier. Kerkgthea to Majid and probable answer to Keea Hi Majid, thank you for your tutorial — it is fantastic for someone like me, starting from the scratch as it has all the answers to the the problems I had while trying to get KT up.

The default will be whatever size SketchUp exported it as, but the size you want will depend on what you want the render for. I would really appreciate.

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I strongly recommend you to use this installer because it is the easiest to install. SketchUp to Layout Essential guide for architects, builders and designers who already know the basics of SketchUp.

Its really a great tutorial but can u provide us with the sketchup file you are using for a better results comparing and to know exactly where i have gone wrong. I am thinking it could be the objects in the sketchup is too much that leads to this problem. I am using sketchup to create the model. Here are some samples:. For fast draft render, choose kekrythea no 03 Photon Map-Quick and for final render preset no 06 should be good enough.


Any ideas on how to fix it? Some fine detail kerkyythea always good — I like to add in some funky furniture from the Google SketchUp online component library found at the 3D Warehouse. The following archives had problems in installation: I tried using 2D trees but I am not getting the results I need.

There are plenty of materials that have a tiny or huge bumps. I have noticed that my globals appear extremely blurry and pixelated…any kanual what this may be?

Thick glass material i. This is kerkytgea sample of clay render:. You can actually launch as many instances of Kerkythea as your system has memory and processing power for when bulk rendering. After you have completed your modeling and texturing in SketchUp it is now time to place your lights kerkythe then export your model to Kerkythea. The components in these packs are pre-drawn SketchUp models of useful objects like furniture, cars and trees.

See Image for settings:. Consider that by increasing the IOR amount majual material goes more reflective, while how shiny is our material, determines clear reflected environment on our material. Try to find ways to reduce the original file size in SU try to limit your polygons, downsize component faces, downsize high resolution manhal images, etc.

I myself started my journey right there. Get downloading Obviously first you need to download and install the latest version of Kerkythea from their website here. Could someone help me simply install Kerkythea. Check out this great new learning resource and their other tutorials. You can achieve this type of relief using a bump map.


I have it installed, but cannot locate the icon to open the program. Increase it and see the result. There are a few points that I need to mention first before you start to learn KT using this tutorial. Maybe in the future you will be so impressed by KT that it will encourage you to learn KT deeper.

Google SketchUp and Kerkythea – fast start 4Architects

Click OK and sit back whilst your image renders — the black square in the bottom right shows a preview of the final image as it is processed. I made my model and installed Kerkythea plugin without any problem. Glass for example lets light to be half-reflected and half-transmitted through it. Lerkythea may take a look at SCF forum here: Lightspeed modeling of smart building materials. Plz help, what can I do! Now look at a leather material setting:. When I export a model from sketch using the export to kerkythea in the plugins folder it allows me to save it as an.

Reflection is much faster.

Kerkythea Rendering System

Thank you for the great tutorial! Artisan Subdivision, sculpting, and soft selection tools for 3D artists. In the Toolbar Icon-Barthe third kerrkythea from right that is represented by a running man in a green circle is for starting the render process selecting the camera and render setting panel.

What can I do?