Documents Similar To ix Clarinet Concerto. Artie Shaw. Uploaded by Uploaded by. roberto_rossetti_5. P. JeanJean 20 etudes for clarinet Vol. 2. BY JEAN FRANÇ AIX. BY. Yu-Chien Chen. Master of Music in Performance. The clarinet concerto of Jean Françaix, a French Neo-classist, is a work that stands. Françaix: Clarinet Concerto [Jean Françaix] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This new edition features a revised piano reduction by.

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Jean Francaix Clarinet Concerto Author: One Mvt is on his website http: When I heard it played in or near tempo it was like listening to an exercise, not music. Impressive perhaps but as you say, just a blur.

I would prefer to err on the side of playing musically. Some years later when he bought a new electronic Japanese metronome, he was very surprised! The article was in the Australian Clarinet and Saxophone publication from March There is a lot of other helpful information in the article on the concerto in general.

Thank you so much! I knew the article was in the Australian society magazine, but just needed to know March specifically!

Françaix: Works for Clarinet

Hindemith taught at Yale and whenever musicians played music by Hindemith they were fastidious about adhering to tempos that Hindemith had marked, lest he hear them through a door playing the “wrong” tempi.


As recounted to me, often Hindemith would barge into the rehearsal room, red-faced with rage, saying things to the effect that “any fool can hear your are playing that movement much to jeab Or an alternate translation from Cuper’s cd liner notes, “Finally, the pilot starts his noisy engines again, but remains carefree to the point of swapping his airforce cap for the revolving wig of a clown. But does anyone here have or have they heard the Lancelot recording from ?

Anyone have any idea where I might be able to source it from? The Lancelot recording would also be awesome cclarinet I’ve got no idea how to go about finding these old historic recordings: I’ve tried searching through naxos but can’t seem to find anything, just a recording by John Finucane which clarint also really good.

Jean Francaix – Concerto Clarinet Complete

Francaix Concerto will be played with orchestra in the finals, and they require the first movement for the CD round: Anyone else thinking of sending the application CD with the Francaix unaccompanied?

It’s listed as ‘display only’ at the moment but I’m fairly sure that’s going to change. The Gabai still tops the list for me though. A young German chap playing it on German system. So it’s possible then.

I’m not sure exactly what he does at the low F -C clarimet in the cadenza anyone with keener ears? Silly me, should have tried it for myself first Enter your email address or user name below and a new password will be sent to the email address associated with your profile. Org The Clarinet Pages is sponsored by: For Sale Put your ads for items you’d like to sell here.


Jean Françaix – Concerto for clarinet and orchestra () – Music Sales Classical

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Jean Françaix

Advertising and Web Hosting on Woodwind. Jean Francaix Clarinet Concerto.

Of course it’s absolutely brutal, but I certainly think it’s worth every bit of effort. However, lcarinet jaw can’t help but drop at the sight of the original tempo markings: It seems to me that the music would just go by as a blur if it were performed in this manner.

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