I setup my program to find hikkake’s based on the “Bullish Hikkake, Confirmed” pattern shown in the figure to the right. That includes the 3-bar hikkake and up to . Concept: Trading strategy based on false breakouts. Research Goal: Performance verification of the hikkake pattern. Specification: Table 1. Results: Figure The hikkake pattern, or hikkake, is a technical analysis pattern used for determining market turning-points and continuations. It is a simple.

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Nice Fakey Set UpWhen price returned from going outside the mother bars low then closed with in the range of the mother bars. This generates buy signal. Potential long with a hikkake pattern formed at potential support zone.

Hikkake pattern

Look to short if break blue line which will trigger hikkake. Market pulled back to the previously rejected resistance zone.


Potential bearish hikkake setup to be triggered below However, will be careful in adding exposure to JPY pairs. Re-test of broken paytern with three rejection is past 3 hours ending with a hikkake pattern.

Does seem like an opportunity to short here if not short yet, with good RR. Hikkake pattern bikkake up at potential resistance zone in H4.

However, market has been making higher lows and possibility of break out higher is definitely there. Potential bearish hikkake setup around key level. Will have prefer a smaller range of mother bar. First target will be the next key support level. Looking for potential bearish hikkake setup to be triggered. In daily, there is a bearish pinbar at resistance zone. Bearish hikkake setup triggered on Friday’s pattfrn candle. Look to enter short on Monday.

HIKKAKE PATTERN ~ simple pattern [vimalraj] –

Potential bullish hikkake setup at support zone tested several times, nikkake just broke down this time – never know. This is a trend reversal trade. Bullish hikkake at support zone potentially to be triggered today. This support zone has been tested many times. So it may not hold.


This is something to be considered before putting in a long order. Bearish hikkake setting up in H4.

A hikkake trigger may just push through last Friday’s low. Bullish hikkake triggered last Friday.

Look to enter long on Monday. Bearish hikkake setup will be triggered under A daily close above and will start looking for buying opportunities. Potential bullish hikkake setup if price breaks above the high of IB on 7 July. This is a counter trend trade. Bitcoin Daily Update pwttern From the creators of MultiCharts. Select market data provided by ICE Data services.