Author: Peacham, Henry, ?? Title: The compleat gentleman fashioning him absolute in the most necessary & commendable qualities concerning. Peacham’s Compleat Gentleman, has 1 rating and 0 reviews. This scarce antiquarian book is included in our special Legacy Reprint. Herbert E. Cory: “In the tenth chapter of his Compleat Gentleman () Henry Peacham pointed out the value of the study of poetry and closed his review of.

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William Byrd, whom in that kind, I know not whether any may equal, I am sure none excell, even by the judgment of France and Italy, who are very sparing in the commendation of strangers, in regard of that conceit they hold of themselves. Of Germany, or the Empire.

In he published a treatise on art, Graphice, which went through numerous editions under the title The Gentleman’s Exercise.

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Of sundry Greenes in Oyle. But I dare to affirm, there is no one Science in the world, that so affecteth the free and generous Spirit, with a more delightfull and inoffensive recreation, or better disposeth the mind to what is commendable and virtuous Yea, a curer of some diseases: Markes Chappell in Venice; second to none for gentldman full, lofty, and sprightly vein, following none save his own humour: Of Difference by the Labell.

Cpmpleat Motets and Music of piety and devotion, as well for the honour of our Nation, as the merit of the man, I prefer above all others our Phoenix, M. Those whom I have before mentioned, have been ever within thirty or forty years held for the best.

The Physicians will tell you, that the exercise of Music is a great lengthener of the life, by stirring and reviving of the Spirits, holding a secret sympathy with them; besides, the exercise of singing openeth the breast and pipes: Clarendon Press, ; reprint of the editionCh. I desire no more in you than to sing your part sure, and at the first sight, withal, to play the same upon your Viol, or the exercise of the Lute, privately to yourself.


But the Muse and Eternall Fame have reared him a monument more lasting and worthy the merit of so excellent a man. Because he mentions a large number of contemporary artistic figures, he is often cited as a primary source in studies of Renaissance artists.

Peacham’s Compleat Gentleman, by Henry Peacham

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There are many other Authors very excellent, as Boschetto, and Claudio de Monte Verde, equal to any before named; Giovanni Ferretti, Stephano Felis, Giulio Rinaldi, Philippo de Monte, Andrea Gabrieli, Cyprian de Rore, Pallavicino, Geminiano, with others yet living; whose several works for me here to examine, would be over tedious and needless; and for me, please your own care and fancy.

Yea, I my selfe have known many children to have bin holpen of their stammering in speech, only by it. His Cantiones Sacrae, as also his Gradualia, are mere Angelical and Divine; and being himself naturally disposed to Gravity and Piety, his vein is not so much disposed for light Madrigals or Canzonets, yet his Virginella and some others in his first Set, cannot be mended by the best Italian of them all.

Tully saith, there consisteth in the practice of singing and playing upon Instruments, great knowledge, and the most excellent instruction of the mind: How wittily doth hee play upon the Arch-cuckhold Sabinus, scoffe at Frenchified Lalus, aned Henry a French cowardly Captaine, beaten at the Sea by our English, and his shippe burned, yet his victorie and valour to the English disgrace, proclaimed by Brixius a Germane Pot-aster?

Peacham’s Compleat gentleman, – Henry Peacham – Google Books

And albeit divers of his workes, are but meerely translations out of Latine and French, yet he hath handled them so artificially, that thereby he hath made them his owne, as his Troilus and Cresseid. In the time of our late Queene Elizabeth, which was truly a golden Age for such a world of refined wits, and excellent spirits it produced, whose like are hardly to be hoped for, in any succeeding Age above all others, who honoured Poesie with their pennes and practise to omit her Majestie, who had a singular gift herein were Edward Earle of Oxford, the Lord Buckhurst, Henry Lord Paget; our Phoenix, the noble Sir Philip Sidney, M.


Plato calleth it A divine and heavenly practice, profitable for the seeking out of that which is good and honest. Being sent for home, by her Majestie, he shortly after died in London, and was buried in Paules neere to the steppes of the Quire, toward the South-doore, under a faire marble; but the brasse and epitaphe written by Doctor Haddon, by sacreligious hands is since torne away.

Henry Peacham (born 1578)

For composition, I prefer next Ludovico de Victoria, a most judicious and a sweet composer: Views Read Edit View history. This article about an English writer, poet or playwright is a stub.

Samuel Danielwith sundry others whom His first, second, peaham third parts of Thyrsis, Veggo dolce mio ben, Chi fa hoggi mio Sole, Cantava, or Sweet singing Amaryllis, are Songs the Muses themselves might not have been ashamed to have had composed. Deering, with sundry others, inferior to none in the world however much soever the Italian attributes to himself for depth of skill and richness of conceit.

But let us look behinde us, and wee shall finde one English-bred whose glorie and worth, although Cineri supposta doloso is cokpleat neither to Buchanan, or any of the ancients, and so much the more to be valued, by how much the brighter he appeared out of the fogges of Barbarisme and ignorance in his time; that is, Joseph of Exeter, who lived under Henrie the peeacham.

Of Latine Poets of our times in the judgement of Beza and the best learned, Buchanan is esteemed the chiefe: But to conclude, if all Arts hold their esteem and value according to their Effects, account this goodly Science gentlejan among the number of those which Lucian placeth without the gates of Hell, as vaine and unprofitable: Sherlock marked it as to-read Oct 11, You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.