Hi Guys, I realized I don’t have the latest WoC book and I was looking for the rules. I found THIS SET OF RULES ON GW SITE. Is that the latest. Hello, This is my first post so bear with me. I was wondering if there is anywhere to get the rules for the Hell Cannon other than The Storm of. hey guys does anyone have the rules and stats for the warhammer fantasy hordes of chaos hellcannon and explain it to me how to use it thanks.

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Its fists can do plenty of damage and heals if it kills something, has plenty stomp attacks.

What he does do is make a pretty decent rock to anchor your Slaanesh army to. Hellcznnon fact gellcannon it is not really a threat is somewhat reflected in its point cost, which is pretty low for a model that is this imposing So is it any good in game? Sigvald’s model is still in production but is now labelled as a generic Slaanesh Lord. You’re gonna beat those prissy shits head in because your basic troop choices beat the shit out of most other army’s elites and your models have the best looking beards this side of the Dwarfs.

Weak Bravery of 5, yes, but that’s why you have Inspiring Presence, right? To compensate, they get a randomly generated special rule on their attacks every turn, which can range from better rend to higher damage. All Marks are decent, though the Mark of Khorne’s effect doesn’t stack with the Axes. Firstly, it can force a unit into charging you, great for pulling in units of shooting guys that would rather stay out of combat. Hysterical Frenzy stacks with existing Frenzy too, so cast it on some Khorne warriors with halberds and go to town.


The following section will be arranged with similar units and formations being grouped together for easier reading.

It’s a fucking dragon. Just run up and stab the fucker. Each is just as durable and hellcsnnon as powerful in combat as a Marauder, but without any of the buffs and an awful Bravery of 4. No, they aren’t a tarpit, either. Can often finish a game by itself and will totally cripple units hit by it.

Take everything awesome about Trolls and turn it up a few notches. Hellcannons are guided by a team of corrupt and sadistic Chaos Dwarfs. Shooting is always a problem for Warriors so once again, get up in heellcannon face as soon as possible to minimize casualties.

Very helpful at breaking enemy units, this spell can be boosted so it hits all enemy units within a certain distance of the caster. You want this to go off when your army hits the enemy, of course, so they break easily. If gules, you duel an enemy wizard by rolling a D6 and adding your respective wizard levels, and if you win he loses a wizard level and you steal one of his spells. So just have one or two of them tag along with your important casters.

Hell Cannon Rules?

Very fragile, but very fast and extremely damaging, with four weapon profiles in melee after a flame breath. Very tough to kill and likely to ruin the enemy, both rulez close combat and through spells.

Also, the Shaggoth has some absolutely devastating attacks in close combat. Get in close and fire it off into a horde for maximum carnage, but Plague Wind is overshadowed by the utility of the rest of the lore. All Chaos Models are mounted on, at the smallest, the bigger 25mm Infantry base. Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. In games under pts, marks are rarely effective, you should have one unit of marked Warriors max generally your offensive unit, though this is not always the case against the most dakka armies, which you can break even if you build your units defensively.


Plague Wind forces toughness tests on its victims and inflicts armour-ignoring wounds on those that fail.

Rules for Hell Cannon? – Warhammer 40K Fantasy

Oddly, when charging, the Taurus is actually worse than the Cockatrice. This unit does not suffer any form of leadership loss and will never rout.

They’re pretty fast, though, so that’s good.

Generic mounts tend to be worse than mark-specific mounts, but the ability to be taken with any mark guarantees that they aren’t obsolete, rulrs due to the dubious usefulness of the marks of Slaneesh and Nurgle in every other aspect although their specific mounts do rock.

This thing has the works: This works better against cavalry units, heellcannon infantry or weak Monstrous Infantry no more than 3 wounds. Signature Spell – Lash of Slaanesh Draws a line from the caster, and anybody under that line takes a S3 hit with armour piercing.


Such is the Hellcannon’s bloodlust that it must be chained to the ground to stop it rampaging towards enemy lines.

IF you want to start a bloodbound force, see if anyone wants to split the AoS starter box. Furies, with the exception of a 12″ movement, do everything eules, because even the stats that the two share can be boosted through dedication to a dark God, something that Harpies can’t do.