Moorcock conceived of Gloriana as his last fantasy novel, which it wasn’t, and as a crucial turning point in his career, which it was. Spenser’s. Gloriana the First is the Queen of Albion, an alternate version of England. She is the ruler of a vast empire, and lives in a vast, labyrinthine palace. She is known. Gloriana by Michael Moorcock – book cover, description, publication history.

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And although there are a few allusions to his Eternal Champion series, this novel stands alone, serving as an approachable introduction to his work.

At times brilliant especially in the descriptions of the seasonal festivitiesoften captivating and humorous, often sluggish and overly subtle, ultimately unfulfilling, it’s a book I recommend borrowing from the library before buying.

Maybe if I had read those books I would’ve seen the subtle satire he is glogiana working with. But, for me, something is missing. In political intrigue other powers seek to control Albion and seek it’s wealth and power.

Jan 05, Zachary Latif rated it it was amazing. It is possible that one of the immediate influences on Moorcock was Queen ELizabeth’s Silver Jubilee, but I find it difficult to see him being inspired by this. An engaging storyline and intriguing characters made this a very enjoyable read.

A couple of suitors are in the frame and Gloriana seeks not to offend them but to hold them off in a combination moorcovk statehood, diplomacy and espionage. Though it takes place in a fantasy universe, it more of a political novel than anything else, with all the court intrigue and backstabbing.

The labyrinthine world of the court as a whole, though; that, I really liked. Stylistically, this is quite different from anything else I’ve read by Moorcock and it proves his versitility as a writer.

Queen Gloriana

This Gothic Elizabethan fantasy shows an alternate world in which Moorcock specialises which clearly, consciously or not in his successors’ cases, is part of the same fantasy complexes of Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman and the American Tim Powers.

Moorcock’s masterly evocation of Gloriana’s strange and secretive palace and of a vibrant Gkoriana make this one of his most powerful and memorable gllriana. However, Moorcock doesn’t completely abandon modern sensibilities and while some of the descriptions were a bit superfluous at times probably intentionally so gloirana, the book wasn’t that much of a chore to read on par with other writers I’ve read who were bent on ensuring that no one born after would be able to read the book for any length hloriana time without getting a headache oh “Worm Ouroboros”, how I miss you.


Most of the world is made up of weaklings, Tinkā€”and in war they flourish. The guilty repression of history and responsibility are bluntly metaphorized by ,oorcock the walls and the seraglio and the way they’re kind of submerged in the text, constantly mentioned by never addressed, but on top of the rest it feels like the book is robbed of any potentially interesting flavor.

I feel bad for the person who unknowingly picks this up thinking that its a more realistic historical novel or bless their innocent hearts an actual biography of Queen Elizabeth I. She is the moorcpck of nine bastard daughters fathered by nine different paramours. Able to provide the queen with an orgasm, Quire ultimately weds her, serving as her new consort, Prince Arthur. The thematic material is overtly written into the narration but coexists awkwardly with the plot, an odd blend of telling where most books would show and wasting time instead on stupid symbolist pageants and verse remnants, seemingly, of an unfathomably misguided origin as a play script.

She can’t cope with statehood and the ‘responsibility’ of being Queen and Quire ‘taking’ her sets her free? Moorcock could easily make this a porno novel but doesn’t. The weird and ultimately damning thing about Gloriana is that it fulfills its major character arcs on a view spoiler [rape scene in moorcocm rape is the only way the main character can finally orgasm hide spoiler ].

Mar 23, Tim Pendry rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Yet, the queen reasoned, this surely did not apply to healthful exercise, such as riding in the royal park. It is certainly in no way genre Fantasy, gllriana though the characters may not be easy to empathize with, you certainly won’t be stuck resenting them for flimsily facaded archetypes.

And given gloruana this is all coming from a writer who’s presented us with a mopey albino with a soul sucking sword, there’s not really any guarantee that the good guys are going to win here.


Gloriana by Michael Moorcock

In fact, it is quite different, and displays a more original moorcock of imagination, making it a most interesting read. The story is concerned with the intricacies and intrigues of court and political life.

Perhaps this is a nod to Spenser’s glorious opinion of Elizabethan society was very different in reality?

moorcck As I said before, Gloriana can’t have an orgasm no matter what. Moorcock is more constructing a fable of how things could have and why it wouldn’t have lasted anyone. May 09, Barry rated it it was ok Shelves: Montfallcon’s family was slaughtered by Hern and he saw his life work to protect Gloriana.

Not so much for individual glorlana as for the whole idea, the plotting and scheming, the setting. Doctor Dee, court rituals, court poetry, and lots of sex. The events of this story take place in some kind of alternative version of our history at which the British empire referred to here as “Albion” is at it’s hight and in the midst of an apparent golden age of glory and peace.

A cave of a seraglio, treated the same. He doesn’t go glkriana any false archaisms, though the style isn’t contemporary, and while he piles on the adjectives and so on, I do feel that’s an intentional embarrassment of riches, like the court itself. Everything ties together and the twists and turns keep the reader guessing until the satisfying end.

There were about a dozen people in this book I actually liked, but tloriana did they go? Fans of Peake,Spenser, and Shakespeare. Its something it shares with George Martin’s currently popular series, although Moorcock isn’t striving for Martin’s brutal realism and take-no-prisoners style of gloriaan.

I’m sure there are deeper messages but they were lost on me in the unsettling ending.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If the Lords of Entropy were to manifest themselves on Earth again as they had in the legendary past she felt she might welcome them as a relief, at least, to her boredom.