The Epic Hero- Beowulf. quote. Beowulf- Tis better for a man to avenge his friends than to spend his days lamenting. from book two page 4. Summary Book one-. Dark and visceral, the graphic novel version of Beowulf created by Gareth Hinds is considered to be one of the most successful adaptations of. 1 • Beowulf Teachers’ Guide adapted and illustrated by. GARETH HINDS. HC: PB: CANDLEWICK PRESS.

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I see the same thing in literature, in music, in the words coming out of mouths of celebrities — people marketing their beliefs the way we market jeans.

This is a very good book but a little graphic but very vivid. The book then moves to the style that relates most of the story: This is just one example of A world wear monsters and dragons roam the earth terrorizing human kind there is a hero who was born to slay them his name Beowulf.

This is, indeed, an excellent teaching tool to introduce or wrap-up the weeks spent trudging through the Old English epic, which we teacher love to venture through, but we sometimes lose a student or two. Aug 28, Ali rated it really liked it. I think I should have stuck to reading Beowulf as this version bit if more than it could handle.

In addition bfowulf the text on the page, the image makes immediately clear to the reader two things: Sep 23, David Schaafsma rated it liked it Shelves: I actually went out of my to buy a hardcover edition of this after already having the trade paperback a few years garetg. Right before he passes, he accepts his fate: Mar 17, David rated it it was ok.

I never thought of Beowulf as a superhero story Occasionally you get the poetic language, and then it fades out entirely in favor of the pictures which is good, it’s a graphic novel, that’s the way it’s supposed to bebut then there’s a jarring block of plain text again: These panels depict Beowulf first arriving on the shores of Denmark viewing the might of Yinds. And often, these appear in subtle images. I hadn’t read this since 9th grade. When it’s reduced to the basic action, the story isn’t really that interesting.


Church — a vernacular rendering, concise and eminently readable. It is constantly being read, always being reanalyzed.

Jun 10, William Galaini rated garetj really liked it. To conceive and represent this idea with the graphic novel form is to raise it to new levels of arti Gareth Hinds’ graphic novel is a dramatic triumph, it’s art alternately sketch and flowing and full. When I initially read this it was the first graphic version of the epic tale that I had read.

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Gareth Hinds is the creator of several acclaimed graphic novels based on classics. It is a great story simply because it is the oldest and the most original story of its kind and therefore is the father to all great epic stories of warriors, dragons, and kingdoms.

Gareth Hinds, Beowulf (2007)

With the aid of the graphic novel, I believe that more students will tune-in during the readings and discussion of Beowulf. Just look at how many times this book has been reproduced. The most laudable thing about this work is that it attempts to bring the classic poem to the attention of young adults. However, because–as many of the other reviews here have pointed out–this version eschews most of the text, with several multi-page sections that include no text at all.

Let me just say that I am completely biased when it comes to Beowulf.

He begins with a credit to two versions of the familiar story A. Mail Web More Posts 6.

Beowulf Graphic Novel : Gareth Hinds :

Church’s translation and that of Francis Gummerein which a vicious monster named Grendel terrorizes the great hall of King Hrothgar for 12 winters, and the hero Beowulf arrives from afar, to try to defeat the creature and succeeds—with his bare hands. He travels to the aid of the people that need him and lunges into danger with the perseverance and swiftness of a hero.

Notify me of new comments via email. Those familiar with the epic poem would recognize the secondary portion of the tale as tacked-on and strongly influenced by Christian missionaries.

Though it’s only recently getting the credit it deserves, this format has a rich tradition and requires exe I feel like I should start with the caveats. Discover what to read next.

Beowulf by Gareth Hinds

Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Now that I have seen Santiago Garcia and David Rubin’s version, which gets at more of Beowulf’s story and captures more of the drama and power, I am inclined to say this is still good artwork, and maybe still the best I have seen of Hinds’s classics adaptations, but not as effective as this newer Beowulf.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. How does one adapt something so well-loved and so frequently adapted without treading ground previously trod? The most vibrant colors are those of fire and sky; the flames and their emanating light bring life to the drab setting and the night sky is a deep and unworldly blue. It is these truly exciting moments that remind the reader of the adaptive potential of Beowulf.

Another touch that I enjoyed particularly — in the night scenes with a sky backdrop, Hinds has used a map of the constellations, with their names, in a blue verging on purple that is the perfect contrast to the browns and grays of the main action. A beautiful peace of literature if I have ever seen one. Beowulf is one of my areas of study, so I tend to be more of a stickler than I might be with other subjects, but I am also interested in seeing different interpretations in art, especially comics and graphic novels, which I find an interesting and multifaceted genre.

For fantasy fans both young and old, this makes an ideal introduction to a story without which the entire fantasy genre would look very different; many scenes may be too intense for very young readers. Sadly, the latter-half of the poem is confusing and aimless despite a spectacular battle with a dragon. The graphic novel has also found its way into classrooms, where it is used as a new way of looking at the Old English tale.

It was fun to draw the parallel between Beowulf and The Hobbit which Tolkien described as one of the “most valued sources” for The Hobbit. I was irritated, at first, by how much Hinds was leaving out, but that forced me to be a better reader of his images.