Arena (Magic The Gathering, book 1) by William R Forstchen – book cover, description, publication history. Buy a cheap copy of Arena book by William R. Forstchen. As the fighter-mages of the four great Houses prepare for their annual battle, a powerful stranger. Arena is the very first Magic novel ever produced. It was published in November , and was written by William R. Forstchen. Arena is not.

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This book was written not necessarily before Magic had a story line forztchen with it, but before they put As mentioned elsewhere, this story is something like Yojimbo or the more recent Last Man Standing. This forstcheh one of the pre-official canon stories. The characters are paper-thin and the plot is pretty pulpy, inspired – as several reviews have pointed out – by the timeless tale of Yojimbo.

After this, the four surviving Houses have fought in ever-bloodier gladiatorial wizard matches.

This novel was an enjoyable, quick fantasy story that is well told and fofstchen plenty of action. This is, far and away, the best MTG book I have read. I don’t want to give away anything, but the treachery and twists make this a fun read.

I found this in my parents attic the other day, and I read the reviews here so I decided to read it. The city is thrown into chaos, the Four Houses fighting against Grand Master Zarel and being destroyed. Within the city this novel is set, there are no cars, and carriages are used rarely, with the first mention placed firmly in the middle of the book. Jun 11, Luke Sonnier rated it it was amazing Recommends it forstchn This book falls into the latter category.

Mar 26, Anders Fleck rated it it was amazing. Garth disagrees and wounds him, escaping. Fordtchen a clever tale of one man’s revenge against an entire city run by magical guilds that fight each other once a year in a spectacle called “Festival”. Lee and Grant – The Final Victory. Every year, the city hosts a tournament in the Arena, called the Festival of Estark. The Gathering cards, turn the two rival groups into four or fiveand you’ve got Arena.


Arena (novel)

Even the mysterious stranger is all right for the most part, aside from when the author is working far too hard to make him seem “tortured by memories but still totally a bad-ass fighting machine. The Gathering” or are extremely desperate for something to read and there arenw no magazines or grocery store circulars available, you could do worse than this.

The book has been optioned by Warner Bros. They go down hill so fast, I am not sure I’ll pick up any more. Surprisingly this book held up pretty well and didn’t disappoint the nostalgic memories I arna.

Apr 28, CJ rated it it was ok Shelves: Apr 09, John R. It was a lot of fun to revisit it 20 years later. He stirs up discord and rioting in the already dangerous and unstable city.

Magic – The Gathering: Arena

The main character is a mysterious, one-eyed magic user by the name of Garth Forstchwn. Forstchen is the author of more than forty books, including the award winning We Look Like Men of War, a young adult novel about an African-American regiment that fought at the Battle of the Crater, which is based upon his doctoral dissertation, The 28th USCTs: Any fighters who oppose this are instantly killed by them.

Take Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo fodstchen man plays two rival groups against each other raena, now put it in a fantasy setting based off the Magic: Stories written prior to The Brothers’ War are generally ignored by later writings, and are of uncertain relevance. I fostchen have liked to have seen the protagonist’s actions against his enemies play out in a somewhat more subtle and devious manner, but I can guess that a page-count limit or publishing deadline would prevent something like that from happening.

I had never read it, even though I bought it when it came out copyrighted Like the magic itself, it’ll consume you.

Lists with This Book. The exhilaration of reading about characters actually fighting each other in much the same way the game was played in the early days – when it wasn’t yet as specialized as today – is still incredibly strong. Rather than simply explore the fictional world the game is set in with any old story, “Arena” actually tries to recreate the experience of playing “Magic” games as a big part of its setting.


I wouldn’t recommend it to many people but for me it doesn’t get any better than this entertainment! This is a great fantasy book.

Arena (Magic The Gathering, book 1) by William R Forstchen

The voice nearly veers on modern at times, but I think that’s what’s responsible for a great deal of the humor: And the fact that he took all the good cards involving dragons and stone demons and such while leaving me with cards like “Drought” arenz “Hornets” just made me decide he was kind of a cheating douchebag. Even though the book itself is little more than fluff with an adventure-film plot that can, at times, seem rushed, it is still very entertaining.

And although he doesn’t hesitate to lie, bribe, or kill, he does possess a peculiar sense of honor — and, it’s increasingly clear, a mission: This is just what I wanted from it. This “the mob” is everyone in the city that is not one of the named characters or fighters, and it serves as a thinly-veiled excuse for never – ever – characterizing or individuating a single blessed one of them.

But that did amuse me since this gorstchen printed before Ante was abolished in the game. This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat I had a few other books based on Magic: Followed By Whispering Woods.

Arena by William R. Forstchen

Jun 17, William Dalphin rated it it was amazing. He lost his eye when his family was killed by the Grand Master. The melodramatic emotional fireworks are very annoying, but fortunately the author forstfhen most of them off into small one- to two-page segments. Wow – I was just surprised by this forstcuen popping up on my Goodreads screen. Instead of typing out a page book I just decided to read it. Sep 16, Chris Youngblood rated it liked it Shelves: He’ll make plenty of enemies along the way almost as though checking them off a listand gains a few amusing allies.