FFL 4473 PDF

The ATF revised the Form most recently in October and the new was required to be used starting on January 16, Q: What should a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) do when it finds it has lost a completed Form and a thorough search of the premises fails to locate it?. A deep dive into the top three most common ATF Form mistakes and how to avoid them. Eliminate FFL ATF errors – Get free online.

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Question 20 Formerly Question Question 32 Added to Form: These requirements do not apply to you as an individual non-FFL. Instruction for Questions Does the federal firearms law require licensees to comply with state laws and local published ordinances when selling firearms? However, possession of handguns by juveniles 4473 than 18 years of age is generally unlawful.

Question 33 Formerly Questions 31 – Juveniles generally may only receive and possess handguns with the written permission of a parent or guardian for limited purposes e. Provides instructions for completing ff, form when the transaction is to facilitate a private party transfer.

Lost: Form – SHOT Business

What do you do? In the scenario you 473, the corporation holds the Federal Firearms License. New Instruction for Question A person having such a license may conduct business at gun shows located in the state in which the licensed premises is located and sell and deliver curio or relic firearms to other licensees at any location. These forms are given the same status as a tax return under the Privacy Act of and cannot be disclosed by the government to private parties or other government officials except in accordance with the Privacy Act.


Instruction for 447 18a Formerly Question If you find that you are missing a single Formyou should conduct a thorough and diligent search of your premises and make a call to the customer to verify that he did not mistakenly take it with him. Clarifies that both questions must be answered.

ATF Form 4473 – Firearms Transaction Record Revisions

Formerly instructions for Question 1. Clarifies the exceptions to the nonimmigrant alien prohibition and acceptable documentation. If a person purchases a cfl from a private individual who is not a licensed dealer, the purchaser is 4473 required in most states to complete a Form Please note that all six pages of the Form must cfl printed and retained as a part of your permanent records.

Question 24 — 28 Formerly Question 26 – What should a Federal Firearms Licensee FFL do when it finds it has lost a completed Form and a dfl search of the premises fails to locate it?

Section B Question From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also clarifies that all firearms manufactured after by Federal firearms licensees should be marked with a serial number. Changed to a check box and added an instruction to record the line number s involved in the pawn redemption.

Can I display my private collection for sale or trade next to my business inventory? Some states such as California and Colorado require individual sellers to sell through dealers.


A listing may be found online. Also clarifies that U. Retrieved from ” https: As a non-FFL, you may make occasional sales or sell all ffo part of your personal collection of firearms.

Instruction for Question Instruction for Question 9: Federal law, 18 U.

Former Instructions for Questions Information incorporated into Question Clarifies that the form is to be completed at the licensed premises unless the transaction qualifies under 18 U. Prosecutions are rare in the absence of another felony committed with the gun purchased. Purpose of the Form – Exportation of Firearms: In cases where all of your files of Forms are missing or stolen, you should promptly notify your local ATF field office of the loss or theft and get guidance on record reconstruction.

Dealers are required to maintain completed forms for 20 years in the case of completed sales, and for 5 years where the sale was disapproved as a result of the NICS check. Clarifies that these blocks must be completed with the firearms information. Clarifies that the repetitive purchase of firearms for the purpose of resale for livelihood and profit without a Federal ffp license is violation of Federal law.