FINISH. SUBMIT. NEXT. PREV. Submit All. The Oracle Exadata Database Machine (Exadata) is a computing platform that is specialized .. Network Resource Management was added in Exadata X4. ORACLE Exadata X Database Machine Full Rack. ORACLE Exadata X Database Machine Half Rack. ORACLE Exadata X Database Machine Quarter.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents General Environmental Requirements Machine X Full Rack Expansion Rack X And Later Expansion Rack X Receiving And Unpacking Requirements Maintenance Access Requirements Facility Power Requirements Temperature And Humidity Requirements Ventilation And Cooling Requirements Ensuring Site Is Ready Overview Of Network Requirements Network Components And Interfaces Network Channel Bonding Support Machine X, X, And X Non-bonded Network Configuration Default Ip Addresses Oeda Graphical User Interface Customer Details Configuration Page Hardware Selection Configuration Page Administration Network Configuration Page Client Ethernet Configuration Page Infiniband Network Configuration Page Backup Network Configuration Page Configuring Automatic Cluster File System acfs Platinum Configuration Page Auto Service Request Configuration Page Oracle Configuration Manager Configuration Page Grid Control Agent Configuration Page Oeda Command Line Interface Starting The Oedacli Utility Oedacli Command Reference Reviewing Safety Guidelines Unpacking Oracle Exadata Rack Stabilizing Oracle Exadata Rack Attaching A Ground Cable optional Acclimating Oracle Exadata Database Machine Connecting Power Cords Powering On Oracle Exadata Rack S4 The Cisco Ethernet Switch Checking Exadata Storage Servers Checking Oracle Database Servers Performing Additional Checks And Configuration Verifying The Infiniband Network Imaging A New System Updates To Imaging Z4 Don’t have an account?