The story of the life of Emperor Tewodros II of the Abyssinian Kingdom is one of tragedy and heroism Some claim he was the African reincarnation of Ivan the. Tewodros II’s origins were in the Era of the Princes, but his ambitions were not those of the regional nobility. He sought to reestablish a cohesive Ethiopian state . Emperor Tewodros was born as Kassa Hailu in Quara (Gonder) for Ato Hailu and . Emmett Atitegeb in .. became controversial in Ethiopian history. In order to.

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Solomon Kibriye for the contribution and comments he has made to this website. The story of how Sir Robert Napier landed and then moved an army of 5, fighting men across miles of rugged, roadless terrain is beautifully told; as is the tale of Tewodros’s own epic march from his capital at Debre Tabor to the mountain stronghold of Meqdela, blasting a road across mountains and gorges so that he could move his heavy ordnance.

His memorial is now in the chapel at Windsor Castle. Emperor Tewodros was born Kassa Hailegiorgis tewldros Kassa Hailu inand was the son of Hailegiorgis Woldegiorgis, a Christian noble and chief of the Qwara region in the province of Dembiya. Emperor Tewodros II is seen as one of Ethiopia’s most notable emperors and the first modern leader who unified the various kingdoms into one empire.

Marsden has combined his outstanding skills as a travel writer – his intimate knowledge of a foreign clime, his instinctive sympathy for a lost culture, his wonderfully evocative, almost poetic, prose style – with the research talents of a first-rate sleuth to produce a quite spellbinding work ethiopixn historical biography.

The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Yet, unlike Emperor Menelik II and other heroic leaders, there are some reservations as his often violent actions taken during his reign make him too controversial. Trump was a real-estate developer and businessman…. When Kassa was very young, his parents divorced and Woizero Atitegeb histkry back to Gondar taking her son with her. Alarmed but unable to effect the release of these “captives, ” the British government in reluctantly sent a large force to Ethiopia to free the prisoners; when the force stormed Magdala on April 10,the proud Tewodros committed suicide rather than surrender.

Tewodros II’s origins were in the Era of the Princes, but his ambitions were not those of the regional nobility. Byhe rebelled against Ras Ehhiopian and, in a series of victories — Gur AmabaTakusaAyshaland Amba Jebelli — over the next three years he handily defeated every army the Ras and the Empress sent against him.


From until after World War II, Ethiopia was deprived of its maritime frontier and was forced to accept the presence of an ambitious European power on its borders.

Meshesha was frequently at odds with his father, especially after it was learned that he had assisted Menelik of Shewa in his escape from Magdala.

He has been said to have used a pistol which he had used during fighting for unification during the era, though in reality he used a duelling pistol gifted to him by Queen Victoria and presented by Consul Cameron.

Tewodros had become increasingly unpopular over the years due to his harsh methods, and many regional figures had rebelled against him. In his ethiopain years, however, he became unrestrainedly cruel.

Tewodros, long the victim of violent mood swings he once executed 7, prisoners of warwas infuriated by this dismissive hisory. Edward Ullendorff, The Ethiopians 2d ed. Although all sources and authorities believe that Kassa ethipoian loved and respected his wife, his relationship with his new in-laws deteriorated largely because of the disdainful treatment he repeatedly received from the Empress Menen.

This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis. He successfully overthrew feudal lords and distributed land to the peasants and ordinary people. However, while the conditions of their imprisonment were eased, Dejazmatch Wube and his sons were not released, deeply imbittering Empress Tiruwork against Tewodros.

Emperor Tewodros already vengeful and erratic immediately imprisoned the envoy. They did have a son, Dejazmatch Alemayehu Tewodroswhom the Emperor adored and whom he regarded as his heir.

When the two sides met at Arogyein fewodros plain facing Magdala, on April 10,the British defeated the Abyssinian army.

‘Mad king Tewodros’ of Abyssinia

The new Empress, Tiruwork Wube believed she had married below her and was further angered by his refusal to release her relations from prison. Internet URLs are the best. He became very angry and he took several British people prisoners in a final desperate attempt to get support. When Kenfu died, and his two sons were defeated by another Dajazmach earlQtse Goshu of Damot and GojjamKassa was forced to make another start in life, and offered his services to Goshu.

He imprisoned prince Menelik of Shewa who refused to recognise Tewodros as Emperor. From this port, the Italians began to penetrate the hinterland, with British encouragement.

Tewodros Ii |

To get the necessary weapons, he demanded first that European missionaries and adventurers then living in Ethiopia build him a cannon successful after much trial and errorand then he brought in artisans, especially arms makers, from England. Retrieved from ” https: Kassa was the son of a Christian nobleman of the Qwara district of the province of Dembiya named Hailegiorgis Woldegiorgis.


There the letter stayed for a year. Contemporary European accounts portray him as an Ethiopian Peter the Great, both for his hot temper and cruelty and for his courage, ambition, military genius, and interest in technology. Tewodros ended the division of Ethiopia among the various regional lords and princes that had vied among each other for power for almost two centuries.

He sought to reestablish a cohesive Ethiopian state and to reform its administration and church. Mahatma Gandhi, Trwodros lawyer, politician, social activist, and writer who became the leader of the nationalist….

Queen Victoria wrote to him asking for the release of the prisoners but Tewodros refused to release the prisoners and this led to the expedition of British troops to Meqdala in In addition to his conflicts with wthiopian and rivals, Tewodros encountered difficulties with the European powers.

Ethiopian Treasures

He sought to establish the principle that governors and judges must be salaried appointees. Kassa escaped and fled to the protection of his kinsman, Dejazmatch Kenfuprobably his uncle but believed to be his half-brother.

In the first six years of his reign, the new ruler managed to put down these rebellions, and the empire was relatively peaceful from about tobut the energy, wealth, and manpower necessary to deal with regional opposition limited the scope of Tewodros’s other activities. Emperor Tewodros II Between andEthiopia was tewodris into a number of small kingdoms and ruled by regional princes and feudal lords is known in Ethiopian history as the “Era of Princes and Wealthy Feudal Lords Zemene Mesafint “.

Some claim ethkopian he was planning to use the pending foreign invasion as a unifier to bring together the entire nation under one banner. The outset of his reign promised much.

Please try again later. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. His confiscation of these lands gained him enemies in ethiopoan church and little support elsewhere. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Kassa’s choice to use the name Tewodros was his attempt at fulfilling a prophecy that a man by this name would reign for forty years and restore the unity, as well as, greatness of the Empire.