Chariots of the Gods? Unsolved Mysteries of the Past is a book written in by Erich von Däniken and translated from the original German by Michael Heron. Eram os Deuses Astronautas? by Erich Von Daniken and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at (Em Portuguese do Brasil) by Erich Von Daniken at – ISBN – ISBN – Melhoramentos – – Softcover.

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Throughout the book I noticed that he would insert his theory into conversations about real science and drop in discussion by real scientists and yet not draw the distinction between the atsronautas idea and his idea. I might pick up a few more zstronautas his books in the future. I could see her point; but in my case, on the rare occasions I’ve done it, it’s been with nonfiction books read in the past that I didn’t have leisure to review, but didn’t want people who might browse my shelves to think I agreed with or endorsed, just because I’d read them.

Eram os deuses astronautas? by Erich von Däniken

Thanks for telling us about the problem. He also attacks the notion that ancient mythologies and artwork were imaginative. Archived from the original on April 19, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It involves the hypothesis that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilizations were given to them by ancient astronauts who were welcomed as gods. Lists with This Book. See all 3 questions about Eram os deuses astronautas? I give it one star for the good laugh you can get out of reading it. Perhaps when it first came out, it was ground-breaking and intriguing, so people ignored how poorly it was written.


I could rant on the stupid theories in the book but I will let you do it yourself. Blumrich March 17, — February 10,who also wrote a summary article, “The Spaceships of the Prophet Ezekiel”. One must fully experience and understand what the sacred texts that Daniken speaks of and quotes from in his in his books. Surely ancient India was home to intelligent and highly literate astronautsa as well as the sporadic aliens, all conspiring to befuddle the poor humans into worshiping them and then mythologizing them.

Which is part of the reason I know look at my once favorite field of study with a bit of disdain. You could look at it as training in how to eroc a good healthy scepticism. Half way through I lost track of what the theory was supposed to be. While managing director of a Swiss hotel, he wrote his first book, Chariots of the Gods, danijen was an immediate bestseller in the United States, Germany, and later in 38 other countries.

I have to clarify my rating here: Perhaps the only good thing that has come up from this book is science fiction inspired by it.

Eram os deuses astronautas?

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Pseudo-History in the Classroom”. I found the writing difficult to read. Von Daniken’s thesis which sold a surprising number of books, and has made him a prosperous man is that, from the Old Stone Age deuzes into the ancient Iron Age, Earth was repeatedly visited, on all parts of the globe, by advanced aliens who are responsible for all of mankind’s religions, and for virtually all the architectural and scientific achievements of the ancient world.

Soon after the publication of Chariots of the Gods? In that, this book holds vaniken even today. Coming at this from the background of astrophysics I can see enough misrepresentation of facts, falsities and misconceptions within his description of basic physics to lose trust in the author. One reason I love the ancient astronaut theory is because it brings light to all the thing archaeology conveniently “overlooks”.


When I was young I was convinced that aliens had visited us on many occasions. Instead, Von Daniken holds firmly to the belief that the “mythologies This book is a good introduction for astronautae who know little to nothing about Ancient Alien Studies.

Damiken book is a prime example. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. View all 10 comments. Return to Book Page.

Now that we finally are Americans, I cannot say that we are proud of it. List of reported UFO sightings Sightings in outer space. Unsolved Mysteries of the Past German: Surely such “primitive” people could never construct such great monuments! The finest review I could think of for this book was by a vob whose intellect I immensely admire.

Had we known that Trump would win the election, we would have thought about it twice if we wanted U. For the documentary film, see Chariots of the Gods film.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Qstronautas document all of them would take an entire book and, what do you know, someone bothered to do it. I proudly give this book a 5 star rating because he dared what most notable scholars wouldn’t do- to PROVE the existence of otherworldly and seemingly strange things in all cultures and religions whether it’d be things from the Bible, Bhagavad Dfuses, Torrah, ancient ruins and scrolls, and so forth.