Author by: George W. Grayson Language: en Publisher by: Routledge Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 23 Total Download: File Size: 52,8. Results 1 – 30 of 31 Historias enredadas: Representaciones asim?tricas con vista al Atl?ntico by n/a and a Enredadas (Paperback): Isabel Montes Bragado. Bibliographic Details. Title: Enredadas. Publisher: ODISEA. Book Condition: Muy Bueno / Very Good. About the Seller. From Atmosphere Books (DH, SE, Spain).

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In this version, the Frida on the left has the face of a calavera and holds a mask of Frida’s face. Altar is composed of items placed on two shelves. Enredadas Safo Spanish Edition. From her head sprout two fiery roses. These images are intensely powerful in both their literal statements and in their ability to allow the viewer to create a context through the bias of their associations.

Image of three dancers in animal suits, consisting of a jaguar, parrot, and rooster. She is dressed as La Virgen de Guadalupe and she stands behind a row of flames. La virgen has a red face and wears a crown and a cross. Mnesic Myths is an adjective to describe something that is relative to memory.

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Image is of Sister Karen Boccalero. Image is of a female Aztec jaguar knight, a calavera, a hand writing a prescription, a heart, and two purple orchids.

A woman stands on a side walk with her child in one arm at the center of the print. Largely though, I’ve used this image monyes to me it represents Art and how it caresses and protects a culture. Due to multiculturalism and globalization the people of the world are continually interacting with each other and as a result are constantly being introduced to a diversity of customs, traditions and ways of life.


It was a conquest of a way of wnredadas, but not a conquest of the spirit. Margaret Sosa, sitting on the ground, is surrounded by papel picado. Photo is of Karen Bonfigli and Pat Gomez seated in a room full of potted flowers. DefazioChristian ; Where I Stand ; ; monosilkscreen; 20″ x 26″. Sor Juana de Asbaje and E.

Will the Double Agent Sirvienta be caught as she scrambles the files of a laptop while “cleaning” out a big wigs bedroom? She holds a bouquet of flowers hemmed in with fish. The one on the left is feminine and yellow; the one on the right is masculine and green. The sun, moon, and flower below are uncertain and uncomfortable with the situation. The tenants in silhouette are dipicted [sic] as standing up to the developer, looming large figure with a football head.

GarciaMargaret ; Rita Hayworth ; ; monosilkscreen; 22″ x 16″.

Participación política y posconflicto | Dejusticia

Estrategia nacional de control y estas instituciones. His nametag bears the appellation “Michael”. Image is of the face of a man wearing a wrestling mask with a leopard print. A priest leads a funerary procession of calaveras. On the tabletop is a cornucopia of produce. Photo of a large sugar skull on aluminum foil. Altar in progress, work by Ofelia Esparza.

Image is of a pregnant body wrapped in chains with the head of a skull.


Painted on the front of the box is the artist’s last name. The Montex on the right holds a calavera mask. The name means ‘twenty flowers’. Unidentified artist at work. Altar on the steps leading to the statue of la Virgen de Guadalupe is composed on many devotional candles, religious icons, marigolds, and flower petals. Created for La Raza Festival. Pat specializes in installation-based work.

Text near his head reads, “Cesar Chavez Labor Leader”. Los barcos del parque 1. Image is of a nude woman with orange hair.

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Diane Gamboa addresses artists, including Ulysses Diaz, at roundtable discussion. Pa’ Ti Xicana ; ; silkscreen; 18″ x 26″ 60 ed. The moon upon which she stands has a skeletal face and drinks a bottle of tabasco sauce. Slavery, even the post emancipation more subliminal variety, was contingent on making its victims appear to be less than human.

ValadezJohn M. Image is of a multitude of calaveras in different colors with different designs under a full moon. Traditionally black, white, red, and yellow or blue. Flowers are grouped at the base of the shelving.

There is fire in the background and the entire print is covered in alphanumeric symbols that resemble lines of computer code.