Most people know this celebrated equation has something to do with Einstein’s theory of relativity, but most nonscientists don’t know what it means. This very. Praise. “This is not a physics book. It is a history of where the equation [E=mc2] came from and how it has changed the world. After a short. David Bodanis explains Einstein’s most famous equation to Cameron Diaz, and anyone else without a physics degree, in E=mc&#

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He wanders a little at times, and perhaps judges Werner Heisenberg a little more harshly than necessary, but it’s still an outstanding book in a very crowded genre. But Einstein’s equation is a reality, as demonstrated by nuclear bombs, nuclear power and nuclear sunshine.

Bringing two different areas, which I hate from head till toe, together. However, how anyone could learn any physics from this book remains beyond my comprehension. I didn’t want to finish the book in a day. Going by the cover I was taken back to my nightmares during secondary education and junior college.

How the hell am I supposed to know what this book is even about? Which this is not. If you’re into war history, you may like this book. It is easy on science and numbers–which is fine for me. I learned so much about not only the equation, but the history of it’s creation and how it’s tied to nuclear bombs and even the beginning and end of the universe!

However, his research into the properties of light forced him into the realisation that it is the combination of mass and energy that is conserved, and that mass can be destroyed as long it is turned into energy, and vice versa. Oct 30, Greg rated it really liked it. The latter is probably not the best thing to read right before bed, because it’s kind of depressing.


Oct 04, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: But far fewer can explain his insightful linkage of energy to mass. Then came another headache in the form of Physics in my junior college. Why don’t you find it out for yourself? The book is intended for a different audience, namely Cameron Diaz and anybody else with curiosity but without a degree in physics.

No trivia or quizzes yet. They knew exactly what she intended: He uses really poor analogies to try and describe the physics to the layperson instead of just explaining the physics like it is. It got me thinking. I’m not quite sure why I keep going back to these history of science books, but I enjoy them. Many of whic To be honest, this book was good, but not as I expected, that it would be awesome; as I was longing to lay my hands on this books for nearly an year until I found this in my usual bookstore.

There are some good stories here, competently told.

E=mc²: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation

American science writers Living people People from Chicago. Mar 10, Philip Mills rated it it was amazing. Til the End of Time This page was last edited on 28 Augustat Stay in Touch Sign up.

InAlbert Einstein produced five historic papers that shattered many cherished scientific e=nc2. Of the 13 students in my class, I can say I would be among the precious few who read books mostly fiction, but a book is a book. He also talks about the people It may not seem bodansi that I include a history book in my top Just about everyone has at least ee=mc2 of Albert Einstein’s formulation ofwhich came into the world as something of an afterthought.

Why plant them in the first place? The format chosen is an interesting one.

In fairness, this merits three stars. But don’t worry, you’ll be long dead.

David Bodanis

I finished it within three days and I was left wondering why the author had to bring the book to an end. E=,c2 to Book Page. My favorite part was something that actually sounds more like the final level in some World War II video game than a physics textbook: Whether you are interested in a basic explanation of a complicated theory, have a fascination with physics and would like to know more, or would like to go beyond your high school physics knowledge, this book is likely to fit your need.


Louis Post-Dispatch”‘The equation that changed everything’ is familiar to even the most physics-challenged, but it remains a fuzzy abstraction to most. The same goes for mass m. Having read several books on similar topics, I found this to be a fun and interesting approach. View all 4 comments.

Many of which I had much more insight than what’s in the book. As a side note, a member of our group tried to read the e-reader version.

E=mc² – David Bodanis

Having demystified the equation, Bodanis explains its science and brings it to life historically, making clear the astonishing array of discoveries and consequences it made possible.

While I don’t agree with some of his conclusions in later chapters, he does make you think. If you made it this far down my review, you earned this confession: This is extremely disruptive to the flow of a book which requires some level of concentration to read and annoyed me to no end.

The Best Books of There was even a WW2 commando raid! Without focusing on a small number of historical persons bpdanis giving them credit for advances that were not theirs Without making some seem more like mystics than sc I should state that I am not the sort of reader this author had in mind when he wrote this book.