Twenty-seven years ago, his son, Matthieu Ricard, gave up a promising career as a scientist . El diálogo entre padre e hijo, entre un filósofo y un científico y posterior monje budista, el ateísmo de uno y el desapego del otro, el constructor de. Pero, antes que nada, ¿qué es el budismo, en realidad? Jean-François Revel y Matthieu Ricard, padre e hijo, filósofo agnóstico uno y monje el. Libros de Segunda Mano – Pensamiento – Otros: El monje y el filosofo- jean françois revel y matthieu ricard. Compra, venta y subastas de Otros en.

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The discussions of self and materialism vs dualism were really stimulating, but much of the rest was not. Pain though an illusion may be very real for someone, the behaviour causing it ingrained in their system over lifetimes as per Buddhism.

Jean-Francois Revel appears to be well versed with not only the works of the contemporary modern philosophers but also of the ancient greeks and the roman schools of thought.

I felt that he was somewhat more defensive of Buddhism than Jean-Francois of Western intellectual thought.

To dissolve a thought, begin by breaking the flow of thoughts for a few minutes. Since religions were losing a hold on the laity, there was very little guidance that people could draw from philosophy on living a good life. Unlike other “free-thinker vs.

That rigor is for better and for worse, of course. If you are a Buddhist, this book provides a good contrast between Eastern and Western thinking. Dit levert een mooi beeld op van het Tibetaans boeddhisme van binnenuit en de bijbehorende metafysica en meer wereldse denkbeelden. Read it if you are curious to know more about Buddhist iflosofo and want to get a fresh perspective on the nature of life and reality. Though it is reasoned, I would state that there is substantial amount of research which states that konje can change the way people think and feel in a grave and depressing manner.

The frequent repetition of some basic background biographical information moonje the first sections also didn’t help my interest level. The Monk and the Philosopher: The only substantial disappointment was in some of Ricard’s rhetoric. Aug 06, Paul Loong rated it it was amazing.


Apr 03, Viraj Kulkarni rated it really liked it. If, on the other hand, consciousness is a nonmaterial continuum, there’s no reason wh “If man is no more than his neurons, it’s hard to understand how sudden events or deep ricardd and the discovery of inner truths could lead us to completely change the way we see the world, how we live and filoeofo capacity for inner joy.

Of course, to live longer is to profit from an increased opportunity of giving meaning to life, but if you neglect that opportunity and just aspire to a long and comfortable existence the value of human life becomes altogether artificial. Mstthieu frequent repetition of some basic background biographical ricardd in the first sectio There are some interesting passages but overall I liked this book’s premise far more than its execution.

Hence it is very important that we train our minds to see things as they are. Beautifully balanced and fair minded, with an ear for the resonances between different schools of thought.

The Monk and the Philosopher: A Father and Son Discuss the Meaning of Life by Jean-François Revel

For Buddhism to succeed in the west, it requires to be harmoniously incorporated in to the political system. Can a Creator be a permanent entity? In fact, Buddhism sees this illusion of the self as that which colours our view and is the chief source of all unhappiness.

Another thing that bothers me is that Matthieu Ricard always poses as the happy sage. I feel it could be shortened, as there was quite a lot of redundancy in the son’s questions and it lost it’s intrigue when the son returned to similar answers many times over.


Buddhism simply offers to share an experience with anyone who wishes. It is only together that they can make life pleasant as well as fulfilling. Eastern philosophy is enmeshed in religion and has been taught for centuries through the language omnje faith.


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If it was, we’d all perceive it in the same way. None of those attributes are intrinsic to the object, they’re only the result of our particular ways of investigating it.

Sadly the book did not meet my expectations. It felt like it became redundant, as the mattheu often only scratched the surface, and didn’t press the son further when a truly challenging or difficult topic to address arose.

It implies that people’s diseases and disabilities are the consequence of bad karma in previous lives. Is Buddhism a religion, per se, as it emphasizes more on values like compassion, love and kindness?

And didn’t the Dalai Lama specifically recommend that we look at what our own traditions have to teach us?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The mind is behind every experience in life. A work of intelectual honesty, of inter-cultural respect ricrd of father-son love. The book is a fantastic read, and is sure to broaden the reader’s thinking on a score of subjects, including the pursuit of happiness.

I found the chapters on topics in philosophy of mind fascinating, filosofl they were pretty jargon-heavy and might not be useful or interesting to someone without a cog-sci background. Para mi gusto, se acerca peligrosamente al libro ideal. Let’s take all-powerfulness for instance. What makes it matthisu is the authors backgrounds, and the fact that none of them get to drag long enough without being challenged, whether monj expected or unexpected reasoning. The monk offers us many more pearls; each explored in much more depth in the book: