Regulation No of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UN/ECE) Uniform provisions concerning the approval of: I. specific LPG . R is a European retrofit directive for LPG and CNG systems. This directive stipulates the emission, documentation and quality standards to be met by the. ece r pdf Vehicle Technology Division THE NETHERLANDS ( N E D E R L A N D) COMMUNICATION. Concerning(1): approval granted approval extended.

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Specific requirements on the Type Ec test verifying the average exhaust emissions after a cold start: Working principle and thermodynamic cycle …. Multi-valve description include drawings …. Two straps per container; 1.

Minimum diameter of bolts mm. The fuel consumption value shall be calculated from the emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide determined from the measurement results assuming that only LPG is burned during the test.

Category and identification type …. Capacity … litres 2. Exhaust emissions M 2M 3N 2 and N 3 categories of vehicles. Special provisions for petrol direct injection engines. The installation manual shall be written in the language of the country to which the conversion retrofit will be delivered, or at least in English.

Exhaust emissions test in CNG mode Subject to the requirements of paragraph 6. Expand ecr Collapse all. Description of the LPG retrofit system 2.

Regulation No 83, … series of amendments 3 Regulation No 49, … series of amendments 3 When the installation has been completed, the installer shall follow the proper assembly check, paragraph 7. Precautions shall be taken to avoid measurement errors.


Pollutants emissions and CO 2 emissions for categories M 1 and N 1 vehicles only 6. Information shall be given for relevant extreme ambient conditions. Fuel requirements by the engine, the type of fuels normally used by the engine:. Description of the CNG equipment and the physical safeguarding of the catalyst at switch-over from petrol to CNG or back.

One test is required if the result obtained for each pollutant subject to limitation is less than or equal to 0,7 the emission limit i. In case coast-down coefficients of the original vehicle used during the type-approval are used, the following conditions shall apply: However, at the location of the fixation of the washers or plates to the vehicle body no compressible material should be present.

Number of main adjustment points …. In this case the prescribed limits may be exceeded for more than one pollutant in the same test or in different tests. Concerning the fixation of the fuel container, the requirements of Regulation No shall be deemed to be met if the requirements of Annex 5 to the present Regulation are satisfied.

CH 4 for CNG. At least of the same thickness as the container frame; 6. Engine starting-up It is permissible that the engine is started on petrol and switched to LPG after a predetermined period of time which cannot be changed by the driver.

As close as possible, or even within, the domed end of the container. CH 1,86 for diesel fuel.

ECE regulations: ECE R Supplement 5

Exhaust gas recirculation EGR with or without. This clearance may be divided between the container and the rear panel of the vehicle and between the seat and the container. The original MI or automatic switch from LPG mode to petrol mode shall activate before the end of the tests under any of the conditions above.


With the agreement of the Type-Approval Authority, one of the following methods may be used:. Components indicated in Regulation No and defined as necessary; 6. The CNG ratio of the energy consumed in the cycle is then determined as follows: Communication concerning the approval or extension or refusal or withdrawal of approval or production definitively discontinued of a type of CNG retrofit equipment pursuant to Regulation No Date of report issued by that Service … 8.

Number of main adjustment points … 2. Retrofit system manufacturer responsible for retrofit approval application ; 2. Supplement 6 to the original version of the Regulation — Date of entry into force: Drawings of installation ….

Ece r115 pdf

Proper assembly check 7. Number of containers ….

Specific LPG retrofit system of an approved type may consist of several eec as classified and approved according to Regulation No 67, 01 series of amendments, Part I and the specific vehicle instruction manual. The system manufacturer shall provide specific instructions as to read out the CNG fault codes referred to in paragraph 6. With respect to paragraphs 2.