Duluth [Gore Vidal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A satiric look at the state of the union centers on a relocated Duluth and its assorted . Duluth [Gore Vidal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A wild spoof of absolutely everything: social pretenses, law enforcement, marriage, . Novelist, playwright, commentator and onetime U.S. Senate candidate Gore Vidal died at 86 on Tuesday night at his Los Angeles home due to.

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Three decades more of essentially the same behaviors he ridicules adds a quaint sense of disease to his subject. Paperbackpages.

The Essential Gore Vidal. Dec 28, Robert Hyers rated it did not like it. I like the inventions, as I call them, like Myra BreckinridgeDuluth. Leaden parody, hollow satire: Entertaining it is, and once the police action began, I wouldn’t put it down.

In Duluth they do it all with word processors. Her son in the soap opera says he is going to commit suicide, but she is busy chatting through the tube to her ex-brother.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, there is in the city of Duluth a mysterious cerise flying saucer whose insectoid alien inhabitants, after meddling in the spectacularly corrupt politics vida, the city, use an accidental tense shift to seize control of the computer, erasing the human race from the face of the earth and bringing the book to an end.


Duluth by Gore Vidal – Books – Hachette Australia

One of the experimental texts Vidal refers to as his “inventions”, Duluth describes both a novel written about Duluth that, bordered on one side by Minneapolis and on the other by Michiganbears scant resemblance to the real city and a television series of the same name; when residents of the city die, they end up as characters in the TV show, who can in some cases continue interacting with the living through the TV screen.

How have I not read Gore Vidal until now? Will be adding more Vidal to the list after this one. In Vidal’s extended version, the gag wears thin very fast–especially since the sendups are frequently a little off the mark.

Vidal ran for political office twice and was a longtime political critic. Basically, this is a novel about a mayoral election in Duluth, a city just south the Canadian border. Il libro pare essere il piu’ richiesto nella biblioteca del carcere femminile di Lima, Peru’.

Additionally he was known for his well publicized spats with such figures as Norman Mailer, William F. This is a book that I cannot recommend highly enough. Only the most obvious one–and smug culture-watchers will certainly find some self-congratulatory pleasure here. At the time of his death he was the last of a generation of American writers who had served during World War II, including J.


Where to begin with this one? View all 4 comments. Jun 03, M. Sep 11, anita Lauricella rated it did not like it. Vidal’s is this vida for the masses, easy to digest.


And had to stop after about pages because it was literally making me ill. The second time I read it, i got the subtext. Dallas, after all, just returned to the airwaves and the media’s barely changed in the 30 years since Vidal wrote this.

He considered it one of his best works, [1] as did Italo Calvinowho wrote, “Vidal’s development I won’t even delve into how absurdly offensive nearly every page of this novel is, as I’m sure it was entirely intentional. It can be a bit jarring gire taken literally, but when he pokes fun at everything on every page, it’s a bit hard to. Through his essays and media appearances, Vidal was a long time critic of American foreign policy.

Duluth ogre the kind of novel that attacks without fear. Recommended for readers who don’t mind an absurd plot, especially if they’ll get the jokes about Pynchon or Kosinski.