View and Download Sony DVCAM DSR-PD brochure & specs online. NTSC/ PAL 3CCD Digital Camcorder. DVCAM DSR-PD Camcorder pdf manual. View and Download Sony DSR-PD service manual online. RMT DSR- PD Camcorder pdf manual download. Also for: Dsr-pdp, Dsr-pdp. View and Download Sony DSR-PD quick start manual online. CCD MiniDV Camcorder. DSR-PD Camcorder pdf manual download.

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Your Digital camcorder is loaded with advanced features, but at the same time it is very easy to use. You will soon be producing home video that you can enjoy for years to dsr-ppd170. Do not handle damaged or leaking Lithium- Ion batteries. For customers in the U. If you have any questions about this product, mnaual may call: The number below is for the FCC related matters only. Connecting the mains lead Use the battery pack when using your camcorder outdoors p.

Connect the plug with its v mark facing toward the LCD panel side. B mark direction to open the LCD panel. PLAY Open the shutter of the hood with a lens cap. When you carry out an operation, you can hear a beep or a melody sound to indicate that the operation is being carried out. Doing so might cause your camcorder to malfunction. Take pictures of the sun in low light conditions such as dusk. Keep your camcorder away from rain and dsr-p170 water.

Letting your camcorder get wet may cause your camcorder to malfunction. Checking supplied accessories Make sure that the following accessories are supplied with your camcorder. Step 1 Installing the microphone Install the supplied microphone.

Step 2 Preparing the power supply Installing the battery pack Install the battery pack to use your camcorder outdoors. Slide the battery pack until it clicks.

The battery life will be shorter if you use your camcorder in a cold environment. Step 2 Preparing the power supply Connecting to a wall socket When you use your camcorder for a long time, we recommend that you power it from a wall socket using the AC Adaptor. If you do not use your camcorder for about four months, the date and time may be cleared from memory bars may appear because the built-in rechargeable battery installed in your camcorder will have been discharged p.

Sony DVCAM DSR-PD170P Operating Instructions Manual

Step 4 Inserting a cassette 1 Install the power source p. After the cassette lid is opened, the cassette compartment automatically opens. The picture now being shot is displayed on the LCD screen, and it disappears from the viewfinder screen. Your camcorder starts recording. The camera recording lamps located on the front and rear of your camcorder light up. Transition between the last scene you recorded and the next scene is smooth as long as you do not eject the cassette even if you turn off your camcorder.

Sony DSR-PD170 Service Manual

When you use a tape with cassette memory, however, you can make the transition smooth even after ejecting the cassette if you use the end search function p. If you turn the LCD panel over so that it faces the other way in standby or recording mode, the mode.


To close the LCD panel, set it vertically and swing it into the camcorder body until it clicks. Note When the LCD panel is open, mwnual picture will be displayed on the viewfinder.

You can record in a low position to get an interesting recording angle. Maunal up the viewfinder or rotate the LCD panel with the screen facing up to record from a low position.

Adjusting the viewfinder If you record pictures with the LCD panel closed, check the picture with the viewfinder. Adjust the viewfinder lens to your eyesight so that the images in the viewfinder come into sharp focus. The digital zoom function is set to OFF as a default setting p. If you use the digital zoom function, the picture quality deteriorates. You cannot rewrite only the time code. You can preset the time code.

The time code can be preset or be reset during recording p. The camcorder rewinds dsr-;d170 fast-forwards the tape and the last five-second recorded dr-pd170 is played back. After playback the camcorder turns to standby mode.

You can monitor the sound from the speaker or headphones. You can monitor the playback picture on the LCD screen.

If you close the LCD panel, manula can monitor the playback picture in the viewfinder. You can also control playback using the Remote Commander supplied with your camcorder. When you close manial LCD panel You cannot monitor the sound from the speaker. When the playback pause mode lasts for five minutes Your camcorder automatically enters the stop mode.

Dsr-ppd170 resume playback, press N. Slow playback Slow playback can be performed smoothly on your camcorder, however, this function does not work for a signal output through the DV Interface. You cannot play back DV-formatted tapes recorded in LP mode. In this mode, the resolution of the still picture is clearer than in the normal mode. This camcorder is originally programed to record in the normal TV format.

Note The guide frame indicates only a rough level. The size and position of the guide frame do dsg-pd170 affect the setting of the camcorder. In wide mode, you cannot select the following modes: When you cancel the wide mode, set your camcorder to the standby mode and then set Using the fader function You can fade the picture in or out to give your recording a professional appearance.

When fading out the picture gradually changes from colour to black-and-white. mnual

As the image is being stored, the fader indicator flashes fast, and the playback picture appears. Using special effects — Digital effect You can add special effects to recorded pictures using the various digital functions. The sound is recorded normally. The digital effect indicator appears. The digital effect indicator changes as follows: Shooting mnaual manual adjustment Under normal conditions, this unit automatically makes various adjustments as it shoots.

However, you can adjust the following functions manually to suit your preference. Functions you can adjust by setting the AUTO LOCK selector to the center auto lock release position Iris, gain, shutter speed, and white balance Functions you can adjust in menu settings Adjust the iris manually depending on the depth of field.


Sony Camcorder DSR-PD User Guide |

The iris indicator appears on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder. The gain indicator appears on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder. The shutter mznual indicator appears on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder. Shooting with manual adjustment Shooting with the zebra pattern You can set the camcorder to display a zebra pattern diagonal stripes in the portion of the picture on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder with a subject whose brightness exceeds a certain level.

Shooting with manual adjustment Releasing the SteadyShot function When the SteadyShot function is working, the camcorder compensates for camera- shake. You can release the SteadyShot function when you do not need to use it. The indicator appears on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder.

Do not use the SteadyShot function when shooting a stationary object with a tripod. Shooting with manual adjustment Adjusting the AE shift You can adjust the AE shift in accordance with shooting conditions and a subject.

The mahual balance indicator appears on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder. Adjusting the recording level manually — Sound recording level You can adjust the recording sound level. Use headphones to monitor the sound when you adjust it. You can adjust the channel 1 and channel 2 separately.

Adjusting the recording level manually— Sound recording level To adjust the recording level automatically Set AGC CH1 to ON when you automatically adjust the recording level of the channel 1. When the recording level is adjusted manually The recording level indicator appears at the lower-right on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder.

Presetting the adjustment for picture quality — Custom preset You can preset the camcorder to record the picture with the desired picture quality. When presetting, adjust the picture by shooting a subject and checking the picture displayed on a TV using the menu settings.

The custom preset setting appears on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder. Focusing manually You can gain manua results by manually adjusting the focus in the following cases: Interval recording You can make a time-lapse recording by setting the manjal to automatically record and standby sequentially.

You can achieve an excellent recording for flowering, emergence, etc. The interval recording indicator flashes. The interval recording indicator lights up. You can make a recording with a stop-motion animated effect using cut recording. To create this effect, alternately move the subject a little and make a cut recording. We recommend that you use a tripod, and operate the camcorder mxnual the Remote Commander after step 6. The camcorder starts index-marking at the 11th frame from the recording start point.

An index signal will be recorded on cassette memory about 0. Your camcorder automatically starts playing back at the selected index point. Your camcorder automatically starts playback at the selected index point.