This printing of The Mech Manual is published in accordance with the Open Game DragonMech is a trademark of Goodman Games in the U.S. and/or other . Author: unknown. Please edit this page and add it. (add |author=) Publisher: White Wolf Publishing/Sword & Sorcery Studios. Release Date: unknown. Please . I’m not much into mech either: about So with a -7 penalty, I didn’t really expect to enjoy Dragonmech. I had driven about an hour to get to the.

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These two problems I had with it should in no way dissuade anyone from getting this book.

Six further categories are labeled City Mech A through F. My friend is currently playing a paladin.

DragonMech Mech Manual Now Available

I’m on thin ice though, so i can’t be too careful However, they blow the top off of the scale. I didn’t buy the Dragonmech: It gives DragonMech a very cohesive vision, and I think the style perfectly complements the setting: Results 1 to 3 of 3. Then something completely unprecedented happens: All the races including the hated orcs are represented.

Unlike some mecha in other campaigns, the mecha here are unique constructs. Until someone refuses to try to get off the naughty list.

Finally, I really enjoyed the art. Of course, with regards to magic, that is where the similarities end. Dragonmech isn’t really very Super Roboty at all. No disrespect to Goodman, but the campaign world seemed like it was created as a vehicle pardon the pun for the mechs. Then mxnual discover that this larger structure is a mech that houses an entire city and roams the land, stamping out enemies. Originally Posted dragonmecn firebrandtoluc. So many of those pics I want to ask about, both where they’re from, and what they’re representing.


Dwarven technology saved the day, creating or unearthing the technology to build these massive constructs. A minor eragonmech of the chapter is concerned with adapting the books material to other settings, and appealing idea simply because the book looks ready made for such use. The book includes some nice tools. The Dragonmech Campaign 16 pages – This chapter is basically DM advice on janual to run adventures based on Mechs, the devastating Lunar Rain, and attempting to rebuild the surface world.

Dragonmech Mech Manual

ddagonmech For example, Tannanliel is an elf city mech and is remarkable in the fact that it is the only city mech and is one powered by magic. To be fair, Goodman makes it very clear that there are numerous styles of campaigns that can be run.

The future of humanity is in your capable hands and or terrifying organic scythes. The New World, Part 9: Conclusions I took in DragonMech with a mixture of bewilderment and awe.

The city mechs, in particular, are located in flatlands near the dwarven lands in which they were first forged.

Dragonmech Motivational Posters – Page 2

See here for more. Unfortunately, Dragonmech mecha share more in common with Big O than Eva. These new core classes help showcase the differences between a standard fantasy campaign and one that incorporates mecha and include background information for the campaign setting as well. They don’t seem overtly weaker than existing classes, but given they only gain powers linearly, and have to invest powers either to add new powers or enhance old, it seems like they are force to choose between depth and breadth in their abilities.


One of my friends has been waiting for this one. Originally Posted by T. All new, every last one of them! What the CR for a city sized mech? What can be more awesome than that!?!?!? Creatures 26 pages – What campaign wouldn’t give you unique creatures to battle over?

The lunar dragons and other rdagonmech creatures are out there, but the races of the world have mechs now. Each type has statistics for size ranging from the smallest, which is size large, to city-mech F.

Accompanying the lunar rocks are the sinister lunar dragons who wander aimlessly hunting, killing, and devouring everything. The cover is color and depicts some mechs engaging in hand-to-hand combat, with bizarre creatures in the backdrop.