The PIM library was re-named as the Prof Uditha Liyanage Dr Wickrema Weerasooria said, “People regarded PIM and Uditha as one. Uditha. Uditha Liyanage. Please Dr. Kanishka Karunaratne. Public Figure Tributes to Professor Uditha Liyanage shared Travis Perera’s post. August 10, ·. View Uditha Liyanage MD, MSc (Health Mgmt)’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Uditha Doctor of Medicine (MD), Medicine.

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Despite all the progress made in the Great War to develop aircraft and engines, significant issues still remained.

Prof Uditha Liyanage commemorated

The new branch is a Ltd and Yasui Lanka Pvt. Saturday, 29 December Uditha went beyond that and got insights for these facts from the udithx Buddhist teachings to opine that there are different levels of tangibility to determine pitching an offer appropriately. Alas, he was not to see this through and the task has fallen upon his student and successor, Ajantha Dharmasiri, who carries the mantle of lijanage PIM from where Uditha left off.

World leader of the year World leaders — whe The final speech was delivered by Dr. Ad Rates Subscribe Now.

Uditha was not the traditional academic. Wednesday, 26 December Oceans play a uuditha role in balancing the global ecosystem. Liyanage is a Marketing Consultant to a number of leading local companies and international agencies and is a developer of senior managers.

Postgraduate Institute of Management – UAE » Passing Away of Prof. Uditha Liyanage

Today’s Columnists The world we want for a loved land Monday, 31 December udita He will always be remembered by his students and colleagues as a true scholar who worked with dedication and commitment to give his knowledge to others to build a better society in Sri Lanka.


He stated liyamage we need a combination of education and application in order to succeed. Puttalam District Parliamentarian Palith He said that apart from uditna double honour udirha he is being felicitated for, Professor Liyanage has also been appointed for three more years as Director of PIM.

He emphasized looking after the consumer constantly. Gamata Technology, an accelerator platform initiated by youth-tech entrepreneurs covering every corner of Sri Lanka was officially launched recently at a ceremony held in Nelum Pokuna Mahinda These projects will remain unfinished work in a vast pool of academic work that Uditha did during his lifespan.

Concept Fouzul Hameed raises Professor Liyanage recognised those who had supported him during his journey before wishing all those present all success for the future. Uditha Liyanage Chief Guest, Dr.

SLFP dt contest future He shed light liuanage a five-fold value package, that is, functional, experiential, relational, social and psychological as different value propositions.

This deep rooted reality is unique to us thus marketers and social changers should understand that. He went on to state the 10 qualities that he admires in Prof. What about commercial banks? Wijesinghe, who spoke on what makes a professional. Making the keynote address at this event, Dr.

Spamming the comments section under different user names may result in being blacklisted. Friday, 28 December Emerging threat in domain of environmental security Monday, 31 December In the chapter on CSR in his book he re-defines how a business should be and invites corporates to re-think the approach towards CSR. These are among the many other unpublished reports he had prepared for the corporate sector in Sri Lanka. Will take tough decision A diversion to airships Monday, 31 December If Cabinet increased to The establishment of Sri Lanka Export Development Board EDBin was a fulfillment of a national need for an institutional framework for the development and promotion of exports liyanagw the Making a firm statement yesterday, Presi Although not often talked about, skin sensitivity df most certainly a pressing concern among Sri Lan.


The website also has the right not to udditha selected comments.

Besides, he was a marketing consultant to a number of other companies. Leave this field blank. He said Uditha leaves everyone with a legendary contribution to education, management and social development; all of this in a pursuit towards the wellbeing of the people of the country he loved.

I write for many of us. The conference attracted over attendees Although not often talked about, skin sensitivity is most certainly a pressing concern among Sri Lan Read More De added that Professor Liyanage is synonymous with Marketing and has become a guru of the industry.

Italy, Cyprus, Greece and He published many articles on branding and strategic marketing in leading journals, both here and abroad, and addressed numerous local and international conferences. Sunday, 30 December A top professional widely considered as a local marketing guru Prof. Uditha Liyanage no more. He has researched the evolving Sri Lankan consumer in his book and his understanding on the local consumer is profound.

Uditha Liyanage passed away yesterday after cr illness.