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This society was to be the focus of her work for the rest of her life. This site uses cookies. A Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy and Liberation. The reason may therefore be asked for the difference between the standpoint I take up and the popular, traditional one.

Magic is a weapon, and like all weapons, one can make use of It for the good or ill of oneself or another — but because it is powerful, it is obviously dangerous in unskillful hands. Courage is the criterion of belief.

La Cabale Mystique by Dion Fortune – Hardcover

Logic, is also a workable paradigm, but not a necessity to understanding or comprehending a concept. Dabale soon as awareness has taken place, rationalization supervenes, and that which has been realized is coordinated with the rest of the mental content. Elias Rubenstein Contact Imprint. This brought new members to the Alpha et Omega. Equally, the mind which lacks the focusing power to deal with form ccabale often perceive the subtle planes of force with uncanny accuracy, and we call such people psychics.

I discovered that if one rationalized magic, one took all the power out of it. Accept By continuing to browse this site, you accept the use of cookies to propose offers ansd services matching your interests.

For Dion Fortune real name Violet Mary Firththe Sephirotic tree of life is a living being, an outline of the solar system, which modern thought has the right to directly attack, as ancient thinkers did, while bearing in mind the work undertaken, but without being pointlessly restricted by it.


The natural psychic is essentially a sensitive; it is only the artificially developed psychic of the occult schools who is ever found to be a psychic and nothing more.

Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick. But here comes the dividing of the ways.

The higher spirits, such as angels, derive from superconsciousness, the oversoul in which the mind exists as a part, whereas the lower spirits, such as demons, derive from subconsciousness, the repressed fears and traumatic experiences of the practitioner. Thus far it will be seen that psychology is with us, explaining the modus operandi and entirely approving it. The true practice of magic depends on the legitimacy of the individual human will.

This is a point upon which the psychologist is empathetic — he considers that these things are subjective images and nothing more, but of value as indications of subconscious conditions.

Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth) – The Invisible Intelligences – Hermetik International

For all works of white magic, these two should never be separated; indeed, one might say that it is their separation which makes the distinction between white and black magic. Magick is just the art of changing the focus of consciousness at will. Selbstverteidigung Mit Psi Paperback. School Donation Program In Memory of In Her essence, She is all those abstractions I have enumerated, and much more; but between the spiritual essence and its manifestation in material form there are intervening stages, and it is mystiuqe these that magic and mysticism are concerned.

Concerning this phase of cosmic history no evidence can be offered save the general argument of the different, and in many cases totally unrelated, esoteric traditions, and the practical experience of those who work with these forces, basing their modus operandi on these traditions.

Hyatt, Pacts With the Devil: Avalon of the Heart Hardcover. Doctrina Cosmica La Paperback. Magic is never either white or black; but it can be benefic or malefic, according to the purpose for which one makes use of it.


These psychological principles I found adequate to explain all the phenomena, and they could be checked and mysttique by the technique of dream analysis. Astrological correlations and those of the tarot enable her to clarify the old texts, as well as the Christian experience and recent discoveries. I was therefore reluctant to mystiqu it; so I decided to put it aside while I experimented with the ancient methods which personalized all the company of heaven and dealt with them unreservedly. Magic is the most useful too for bending the odds to our favour in an given circumstance, but does not go beyond the scope of being a tool concurrently aiding your mundane efforts.

Gabriel Trarieux — Wikipédia

I studied magic in the famous Order of the Golden Dawn; no explanations were given save the traditional mediaeval ones; these I discarded as superstitious, replacing them with psychological ones of my own, derived from the school analytical psychology. In order to understand the rationale of the contacting of the invisible forces, it is necessary to understand the nature of the involutionary arc of manifestation, for these forces represent primitive types of existence.

I made my first experiment with the goddess Isis, who, philosophically considered, is Nature; primordial matter; the Great Deep whence life arose and the feminine principle in life. Das Karmische Band Other.

La cabale mystique

Psychism and mysticism are closely allied, and are usually present together because the capacity to perceive subtle impressions applies equally to both planes. Mystiwue magical act may be defined as causing reality to conform to will. Therefore the mystic is invariably found to be also a sensitive and to mytsique some degree at least of psychic power. Are the images the mind perceives when exploring the Invisible Kingdoms, its own projections and nothing else?