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DIN Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. standard by Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V. (German National. Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions. Pellets produced by our company meet the requirements of GOST R and the requirements of European standards DIN EN ISO , EN ISO.

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The document gives settings, derived according to the requirements given in Part 2, for various grading machines, species and combinations of strength classes or grades.

Sawn timber of broadleaved species for stairs; quality requirements. Application to wood-based panels; German version EN Sin document specifies the qualitative classification for the roundwood of larch Larix and douglas fir Pseudotsuga.

It applies to lots of dried sawn timber or to dried timber which has been planed or surfaced by other means. The implementation of the national program “Affordable Housing” has also a positive impact on the expansion of target markets of our company. The document specifies the method to be used to determine the characteristics and don the appearance quality of timber in joinery.

Cutting waste of wood; definitions and mathematical calculation methods.

Timber structures – Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section – Part 2: The document defines wood species, quality requirements, origin, manufacturing conditions, forms, dimensions and tolerances as well as the durability and preservation of wood sleepers and bearers for use in railway tracks. Round and sawn timber – Terminology – Part 7: Softwood round timber; German version EN This document specifies the requirements for assessing and operating machine strength dun systems to strength structural timber, and laminates for glulam.


The document defines terms relating to moisture content used in European Standards. Profile boards with chamfer and broad root; dimensions.

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cin Testing of wood; Impact bending test; Determination of impact bending strength. Sawn timber transportation packages. Weatherboards made of coniferous timber. Symbols for timber and wood based products; German version EN Annex A gives information and guidance for the user to determine the appropriate use class and to select a suitable level of durability either natural or conferred by preservative treatment.

This European standard defines a method of assessment of drying quality.

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It specifies the method for determining dni quality of appearance graded sawn timber. This standard specifies requirements for bonded finger joints and minimum requirements for the manufacture of cut, interlocking, bonding finger joints in structural timber dkn. Determination by oven dry method; German version EN This part of EN defines five use classes which represent the different service situations to which wood and wood-based products can be exposed. This method shall be considered as the reference method.

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The document specifies a method for determining the penetration and retention of creosote in timber freshly-treated with creosote, principically in order to ascertain whether the treated timber conforms to specifications written in terms of the European standard ENit also provides guidance on the acquisition of test samples and their handling between sampling and analysis.

The document lays down the requirements for visual graded structural timber with round cross-sections, barked or unbarked and cut on length but otherwise not machined. This standard applies to sawn timber, and timber which has been planed or mechanically surfaced by other means.


Quality grading for European pines; German version prEN Sawn softwood – Visual grading – Part 2: Round and sawn timber – Terminology – Part 5: Round and sawn timber – Permitted deviations and preferred sizes – Part 1: The paso-crest combination on the euro carriage is made according to the European standard deeper than on the ordinary GOST board.

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Structural round timber – Test methods; German version EN Timber structures – Strength graded structural timber with round cross-section – Requirements; German version prEN It lists their relative durability to wood-destroying funge, dry wood-destroying beetles, termites, marine organisms. 68216 timber for carpentry; quality conditions.

68162 Dimensional classification – Part 1: This standard applies to sawn timber, and timber which has been planed or surfaced by other means. The European Standard defines a non destructive method for estimating the moisture content of a piece of sawn timber.

It also indicates the biological agencies relevant to each situation.

Dry nosing strip kiln drying and natural moisture nosing strip of several typical profiles. This document details the necessary testing which may only need to be carried out once for each product, unless there is a reason to suspect a significant change has occurred in the properties of the product.

Sawn softwood – Visual grading – Part 3: The document lists visual strength grades, species and sources of timber, and specifies the strength classes from ENto which tey are assigned.