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Comprehensive Konkani English Dictionary, word lists, proverbs, idioms, metaphors etc. The vocabulary is presented here in a preliminary form; I hope to prepare another version containing more entries and more illustrative sentences at a later time.

The website is trilingual English, Limburgish, Dutch and contains background information on the foundation and many contemporary aspects of the Limburgish language, including a 70 page history of Limburgish, its usage and its literature.

Saber refranes, poco cuesta y mucho vale. Brown; Zarina Molochieva; Julia Bishoffberger. More than bilingual dictionaries extracted from Wikipedia. The words in FinnWordNet are grouped according to their meaning into concepts represented by synonym sets forming a semantic network in the same way as the Princeton WordNet.

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Free translation to almost any language. Languages of italixno Sulawesi: Number of word is gradually growing. Slovak language for Russian speakers. Resize it as you wish and keep it at the corner of your screen until you need it. It runs locally, and does not use your Internet connection.


As you keep typing further, the words and definitions go on updating in real-time. Dictionary is free to use. This is an online English Iraliano Dictionary for easy reference. Breve diccionario de la literatura paraguayade T. Dictionaries and other language materials on indigenous languages of Mexico. German-English-German idioms and phrases.

Visor de obras.

Indeed, ihaliano Safire definition often reads like a mini-essay in political history, and readers will come away not only with a fuller understanding of particular words but also a richer knowledge of how politics works, and fails to work, in America. It includes definitions also in several languages and translations, as well as lexical data antonyms, hypernyms, etc. This permits constant upgrading of the database and simple uploading to the web.

A free German-Lower Sorbian online-dictionary work in progress.

Idioma alemán. Artículo de la Enciclopedia.

Online version of a trilingual Yaghnobi-Tajik-English dictionary that I compiled while living in Tajikistan last year. The Limburgish-Dutch dictionary currently contains 67, words 30, in the Public Dictionary and another 37, in the Work Dictionary. Assem Shormakova; Mikel L.

Requires italiani and password, but is a free resource offering highly detailed lexical and grammatical information in German and Italian. Spanish official dictionary from the Spanish Royal Academy. Slovak-Russian, Russian-Slovak online dicccionario. A dictionary arranged by word roots. You can also listen to the pronunciation.


Because the fieldwork was carried out mainly during the s and s, the language described is largely that of a generation ago. Enter a word and get the word in the opposite language. Citas, refranes, proverbios, etc.

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An online English Estonian dictionary. Free online translation with 80 different languages. Nuevo diccionario de la lengua castellana…de V. Sociolinguistic survey of selected Rajasthani speech varieties of Rajasthan, India, Volume 3: Based on the Collins Concise Spanish Dictionary. You can browse words, definitions and synonyms alphabetically, by subject labels or find the words of your interest directly using the search box. A German-English technical online dictionary.

Tirminos de literatura y mitrica de poesma espanola.

A free English to English dictionary with overheadwords and definitions, with an easy-to-use, ad and clutter-free user interface. WEDT contains 50, headwords, and very precisely italixno and hyperlinked synonyms. Reviews of Spanish dictionaries and encyclopaedias.