Sure, I can give you a basic outline of the dhoop kinare story, although I The story revolves around the leads, Dr. Ahmer and Zoya Ali Khan. She was actually the director of Dhoop Kinare! The Story behind that is that Rahat Kazmi and Sajid Hassan were bored and hanging out and. Dhoop Kinare – Get movie reviews, story, trailers, cast, songs of Dhoop Kinare. Also get movie promos, video, photo gallery & box office report on.

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Even in Dhoop Kinarey Dr.

Keep Supporting, Cheers, Zahra Mirza. So in real life Rahat Kazmi was quite an intellectual and had actually gotten through to the Pakistan IAS – which he gave up for his love of acting- which is unheard of – then and now!!! In Tanhaiyan, qabacha’s Behroz sabzwari unspoken love for Meerina khan ,inare also memorable.

Ruminating Rhetoric: Dhoop Kinare

What’s so good about not showing skin and what’s so bad about showing it? Romance never goes out of style, no matter how practical or rational we try to be, a simple glance, a haunting melody and a fluttering heart will always be in fashion. When Ahmer demands her reasons for resigning, she tells him to leave.

Irfan Sajid Hassan who is a junior colleague of Dr Ahmer. In Dhoop Kinareywhen Dr. Notify me of new posts via email. She lives in a house next to Zoya. Jul 24, Newer Post Older Post Home. Seeing that her father wants her to become a doctor to celebrate her dead mother’s wishes, she takes admission in a medical school.

Unspoken words and glances were the essence of true romance. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Present day TV serials are not of the same quality as the earlier PTV plays simply because of the dearth of talented playwrights. Ahmer finds out that they are in desperate need of money, he goes through with the transaction but decides to gift the house to Zoya anyway.


Author Faiza Iftikhar has written her fair share of romantic scenes, and though her recent romantic comedy Aun Zara captured hearts all over the world she says her favourite romantic scene comes from Aik Nayee Cindrella: The casting was wonderful too. Even though they all came across as very simple, each one of them had a fashion sense for sure.

Seems to me it’s trending that way again!

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This may have been more romantic than all the other more contrived scenes we’re shown. He is still alive. Pakistan is once again at a critical juncture of political transition. That was too direct, vulgar and aggressive for the audience.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Well plotted and well executed. An Indian saying “Aankh ki sharam” or shame in the eyes when having done something wrong- I think it shows the values in a society of person.

Alas the conditioning of society! Zoya buckles under the parental guilt and graduates in medicine. Ptv had set very high standard. The romance between Anji and Dr Irfan, and the parents who loved their daughters were all part of this universe.

Romantic dialogues should be simple and touching,” she explains. In AnkahiTimmi gives up his true love so that she may have a better life, all bring a lump to our throats and get us teary-eyed. However, it is not only veiled eroticism but the hidden subtext that builds the romantic tension as well. If you watch it, go in expecting short hair on women, big hair overall, and men wearing colorful suits with the suit sleeves pushed up the arm, etc.


Aziz Rehman Laghari Dubai. He immediately takes Zoya to the home, and tells her about how he lost his home and hates the girl who took his home away from him. He was only injured in the bomb blast and is still alive- which actually makes me very happy!

Realistic and stories related to your practical life. While he is a strict teacher, he also helps her to realize the importance of the work they do. In Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpanwhich became a cult classic, it was the witty exchange between the four protagonists but especially the chemistry between Shamraiz Mikaal Zulfikar and Kiran Sanam Baloch that had the audiences guessing the outcome till the very end.

She retains her carefree antics in the seriousness of the hospital life and comes in critique of Ahmer. The thing with DK is that is a sooooo subtle! The measuring of looks, space, texture, light, the silence, the right words at the right time.

4th best romantic scene in a drama-Dhoop Kinaray | TVnama

Trio accused in JIT report reject findings, claim innocence. Badar Khalil plays this character very well. Each female character competes with the other in who can cry more. The drama starts with Dr Ahmer living with his foster father, a man who took him in and treated him as his storyy when he was a young orphan child.

Now I want to watch all these old Ptv dramas!