Finding inspiration in classic fairy tales, Marrone (Revealers) crafts a creepy and thoroughly captivating story of love and jealousy. Megan takes. Read Devoured by Amanda Marrone by Amanda Marrone by Amanda Marrone for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. Devoured by Amanda Marrone – Chapter 1. More books from this author: Amanda Marrone. Master of Mirrors. The Shape-Shifter. Slayed. The Multiplying.

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Remy was very chill-worthy.

With more dark elements revealed towards the end of the book, coupled with some reference albeit not too explicit to sex, and bad words sprinkled throughout, parents of younger teens might want to read it first to decide whether it is appropriate book for their collection.

A modern day revamp of the Snow White tale. And she definitely didn’t mean to kiss Luke especially since her friend has a thing for him.

: Devoured (): Amanda Marrone: Books

It just seems to me that there should have been more of an explanation for some of the things that happened. Dec 30, Karissa rated it it was ok. After reading this i will definitely be looking for more of her work, hopefully it will be just as good because this really surprised me, and in the best way.

Grade 8 Up—Ever since the car accident nine years ago, life for year-old Megan has never been the same. Her characters have serious flaws–they’re jealous, selfish, short-sighted, easily fold under peer pressure. But, near the end I just lost interest.

There’s a lot of plot holes, things that had no sense and characters that just serves as plot devices that I couldn’t see any point of them actually being in the story. So, obviously, it was interesting enough. If you love fairytales and their counterparts, you should definitely add this one to your collection! Because of the attempt on combining two major problems, the story seemed stilted, rushed and just, well, ridiculous.


Books by their Story: Devoured by Amanda Marrone

Remy died and her father is in a coma and ten years later Megan is still seeing Remy’s ghost, and lately she’s getting more and more violent and Remy’s visits are getting harder and harder to stop. Read more Read less. Too many YA novels tend to feature Mary Sue-ish protagonists–that good girl that every girl imagines herself to be. View amanxa 7 comments. I almost didn’t buy the book because of the blurb on the back, which made it seem like one of those high-school gossipy relationship novels, but thankfully it wasn’t.

Get fast, free xevoured with Amazon Prime. The plot is fast-paced and full of suspense, gripping readers right from the start. The end was full of twists, which is hard to find in a teen book! This was a very light read, but entertaining. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Overall, Devoured is unique, entertaining, and enthralling, karrone it is rather short and doesn’t go into the Snow White thing in too much detail.

That was about it! The story is supposed to be a spin on the Snow White fairy tale but with modern twists and I have to say I was very curious how that was going to work, especially since the title is so raw and bold, you sort of aren’t sure what to expect, but the story is fun, scary, spicy and interesting at the same time.

I love Amanda Marrone books and can’t wait for more from her. This book is actually a modern day continuation of the The writing isn’t amazing, there is jealousy and girl hate, and one of I liked the premise and the characters, the writing felt rushed and the plot was easy to guess. Megan is applying for a job at The Land of Enchantment. I liked the connection she had to the different characters- especially hers with her sister.


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I was shocked and kept telling my hubby what happened. I got this book because of the other reviews, but it feel a little short for me. Ari feels that Luke is hers, and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Megan also meets the overly jealous Ari.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The story deserves five stars, but I hate language and there were a lot of typos in the first sixty pages!

Luke, a cute guy who works at the park, is determined to help Megan and get her twin sister to move on. Each I don’t know why I thought this was a vampire book, but I am very glad it wasn’t. Devoured by Amanda Marrone. But, Ari likes Luke–a lot. The pacing could have been a little smoother, but marrobe the same time, as martone is contemporary, things don’t always happen on a linear, constant, timeline, so it could make sense that way.

Luke trys to help Megan to get Remy to move on, but Remy is trying to tell Megan something The story is supposed to be a spin on the Snow White fairy tale but with modern twists and I have to say I was very curious how that was going to work, especially since the title is so raw and bold, you sort of aren’t sure jarrone to expect, but the story is fun, scary, spicy and Devoured proved to be quite a delectable little morsel, tangy and crispy like a freshly bitten apple, it was a bit different than standard YA fare, it had a bit of magic to it but it was realistic enough to be believable.