In his article, Serrano denounces that for a magazine that only publishes Pascual Serrano has just published a book entitled “Disinformation”. -In this disinformation campaign the corporate media has the intention from Spain España, Pascual Serrano y Joaquín Recio Martínez; from. writer,” recalled Agent Daniel in interview given later to the Spanish writer Pascual Serrano and director of the alternative website Rebelión.

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In case anyone still harbors any doubt about why Europeans and North Americans are trying to water down the Olympics hosted by the Chinese, yesterday April 18,the World Trade Organization published a report about the evolution of international trade infrom which just about anyone could easily find arguments which help to explain desinformatiob reasoning behind the present offensive against China.

Keiderling: CIA agent in Havana, Caracas | Tony Seed’s Weblog

Well, quite a lot actually. The article in question was titled “From Censorship to Lies” [2] and in it, Serrano referred to several current examples of media disinformation. To my surprise, one of the members of the forum said to me — in English of course — that as a Mexican he could revise my Spanish translations if I so desired. This is nothing new, rather something that goes way back. But what was the real story? The rest were British, U. She had an unlimited budget and went as far as to suggest taking his goddaughter to the United States to study on a scholarship, and also proposed that Daniel create a literary agency, with the idea of having an influence within Cuban artistic circles.

Under the conditions I have just described, one wonders whether journalism as an attempt to communicate reality is possible today.

Its pages are nurtured by militants who’ve found in the Internet a way to counteract, at least partially, the influence of the dominant media. It is people who every day dedicate a part of their free time to the search for the truth in the news. The current alternative media was born and has grown along with the Internet and has flourished thanks to activist translation.

No-one pays, no-one charges, everything is done in a voluntary manner. Once again I quote Pascual Serrano: In the capacity of the Network to spread the messages in a coordinated way, to multiply and unite the voices defending the truth, are to a large extent the core of our possibilities for influencing public opinion.


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InDagoberto Valdes, counter-revolutionary element long history, organized an exhibition of political posters, sponsored by Czech and Polish officials, inspired by similar events in countries of Eastern Europe during the height of the counter.

Competition under such conditions, now as then, with the rich supported by a press defending their class interests at a price half of that for the working class press, is a real fallacy. In other words, in democracy.

April | | Machetera | Page 2

Fantastically good looking, intelligent, well-spoken, some people just have it all. USIS officials immediately began to show interest in the idea and began a process of trial and error and approach. Without our translations, the local denunciations would have continued being local. In them, grouped by subject, he reviews all the aspects present in political and media life, from economy, education, racism, ecology and the Internet, to the geographic territories that have a given importance, such as Iraq, the United States, Palestine, Cuba or Venezuela, without leaving out the most sensitive affairs of our own country [Spain], such as the monarchy, security forces, the Church, or the judicial system.

Although this is carefully excluded as information from the large corporate media, it has been known that only half a dozen oligarchic conglomerates exert control over the informative, ideological and political media content in the United States. So much so, that stock markets have experienced significant fluctuations.

According to Wenceslas Roces’s venerable Spanish translation. One of the more systematically-used arguments by the US oligarchy —widespread all over the world to defend the capitalist social system for the benefit of their interests of global domination— is the right to choose information they argue that US citizens enjoy. Given that the alternative media is nurtured by activists at least more interested in the transmission of the news than in its perfection or beautiful language, and moreover, the rapidity with which they are done often makes the translations works that can be improved, this reality prompted the establishment of an almost routine system of revision, which has solved the problem.

Contact missmachetera at gmail dot com. Contact missmachetera at gmail dot com. The functioning of alternative media is characterized by something that lies at the antipodes of the dominant media, and that is that it often functions with zero budget.


Illusion of choice regarding information sources

The promotion of shallow, materialistic, ego-centric values and the obvious oversimplification of the product for consumption by the population are in keeping with the interests of these six corporations.

Well then, it must be very clear that the spinal column of the alternative media is serramo. Ecuador Begins 23rd Antarctic Expedition.

Five of the members of that forum, the Mexican, an Italian, a Palestinian, a U. In fact, the majority ssrrano amateurs. Today, the dominant global means of communication the mainstream mediawhether radio, television, printed newspapers and magazines, or their virtual Internet equivalents, are in the hands of economic oligopolies, whose primary goal is profit, while information is relegated to a rhetorical pretext through which to achieve it.

Keiderling has returned to the United States where she will doubtless pursue her destabilizing activities against other anti-imperialist countries, as one more element in the U. Vicky thought he had found the perfect plan, many large brains of sdrrano worked in their preparation, they were ready to manipulate his favorla Seventh Biennial.

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Posted on April 24, Leave a comment. Now, the truth can be buried in a base of lies, so that the result is the same: The Cuban security official, working under the operative name of Daniel, met Keiderling in Cuba, where she worked under the cover of director of the press and culture office in the U. Luigino Bracci — Yvke Mundial — Translation: In fact, the majority are amateurs.

Main News Friday, 28 December Punishing China Posted on April 24, Leave a comment. The same who decide who will eat and what we will eat, who will drink and what we will drink, who will be killed and with what weapon, who may go to school and what we will study, who may have a house and where we will live, who may wear deesinformation and how we will dress, are those who decide who may speak and what we will hear. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts desinormation email.