You can use WebBrowser to download, but do not know how to save to file. The real source code access WebBrowser, returns the original format code, the. uses ActiveX; function WB_SaveHTMLCode(WebBrowser: TWebBrowser; const FileName: TFileName): Boolean; var ps: IPersistStreamInit; fs: TFileStream;. uses UrlMon; function DownloadFile(SourceFile, DestFile: string): Boolean; begin try. Result:= UrlDownloadToFile(nil, PChar(SourceFile), PChar(DestFile), 0.

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I found on a newsgroup someone with a similar problem. ProcessMessages ; until Int64 Windows. Seems pointer info to me. Hello, For saving the internetpage loaded in the TWebbrowser-component are two properties. Load accepts a stream object, but the stream it expects is a COM one that must support the IStream interface. The local Pause procedure does a busy wait, polling the message queue for about 5ms at a time.

If the file doesn’t exist no action is taken. Forumregeln Es ist dir nicht erlaubtneue Themen zu verfassen.

This method essentially falls into two parts. Listing 14 shows the implementation GetStreamEncoding. Save StreamAdapterTrue ; end ; end ; Listing The first thing to savd is that, on non-Unicode compilers, the original version of LoadFromString is unchanged. With the real source of the page, but it’s an execute of a notepad session and I’m not able to save it in the delphi code Note that even delphk the stream adapter class is freed, the underlying TStream object continues to exist, which is what we want.

  2711 M3A18L1 PDF

However, the character set can also be specified in HTML code.

We then go into a loop and wait for the document to load completely. Note that, like in InternalLoadDocumentFromStreamwe again try to get the web browser document’s IPersistStreamInit interface and then use its Save method to write the document to the stream. DataString ; finally StringStream. Once we have our blank document we load the stream into it using InternalLoadDocumentFromStreamwhich is defined below:. Whosrdaddy – Thank You! You can still can get their value though: The code is open source.

The result are some unknown characters.

Es ist dir nicht erlaubtneue Themen zu verfassen. We then check to see if the document supports the IPersistStreamInit interface, getting a reference to the supporting object. TFileStream ; begin FileStream: And this is where it gets more complicated — for the first time we have to mess around with the COM stuff.

How to load and save documents in TWebBrowser in a Delphi-like way

Sign up using Facebook. The protected “helper” methods will be discussed along with the public methods they service. Note that the browser control writes the stream in the correct character set for the document.


GetString Bytes ; finally MS. Sure this is possible!

The code requires the TWebBrowser twebbrpwser. As noted already we will provide a new overloaded version of LoadFromString that takes a TEncoding parameter that determines the encoding that will be used to load the string containing the HTML.

ProcessMessages; if Assigned WebBrowser.