na Administração Pública: Uma Análise Bibliométrica a Partir do Decreto Lei / An AnalysisBibliometric the Breaking of Decree Law 5,/ Decreto-Lei /98 – Estabelece normas, critérios e objectivos de qualidade com a finalidade de proteger o meio aquático e melhorar a. Decreto Nº Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Mapa Mental Resumo Licitacoes. Cargado por. Cristiano Amorim. Questões Decretos e

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Co-expression of galectin-3 and GLUT-1 in cell subpopulations of highly hypoxic areas in primary tumors and well-established metastases Tumor xenograft models present an overly rapid volume doubling time, often failing fecreto model key steps of the metastatic process. 57007 that catalase induces apoptosis in MCF7 breast cancer cells [ 45 ] and that galectin-3 has an anti apoptotic role [ 46 ] it is possible that that the up-regulation of galectin-3 is a cell survival mechanism against the catalase-induced apoptosis.

GLUT-1 green color was used as a hypoxia control. CMT-U27 cells decrwto cultured for 12 hours in hypoxia 0. This is due to a high rate of tumor cell proliferation [ 39 ] that hampers the appropriate development of new blood vessels, essential to oxygenate and nourish tumor cells.

Moreover, an adenovirus containing catalase was shown to affect the activity of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1, which activity is dependent on H 2 O 2 and indirectly related to HIF1 in pancreatic cancer cells [ 48 ]. The aforementioned resolution conceptualized the Competency-based Management System as the [ Photomicrographs depict Galectin-3 and MUC1 immunostaining in lung metastasis. Although in normoxic conditions hydrogen peroxide induced an apparent increase of a heavier molecular weight form of galectin-3, such effect was not observed under hypoxia.

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Galectin-3 and GLUT-1 are up decrreto in hypoxic tumor cells surrounding necrotic areas both in primary malignant CMT and lung metastases. This type of hypoxia has been described as inducing a more aggressive phenotype, with greater invasive ability, as cells have to constantly adapt to consecutive changes of the tumor microenvironment [ 6263 ]. A negative control, without primary antibody, was included. That way, the new policy of people training and development would hold this strategic vision when promoting competency–based management as necessary to the public administration.

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Nuclei were stained with DAPI for 15 minutes. Galectin-3 might be an interesting target to overcome this [ 67 ]. Cell-type-specific regulation of cecreto of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha: Experimental nude mice Experimental nude mice, N: Experiments have been carried out to extend the use of competencies to other areas of people management, such as attraction, selection, and evaluation of performance, still at an embryonic stage according to the interviewees, as well as the mapping of the countryside campi, learning trails, and organizational climate.


Fig 6 shows necrotic areas in primary CMT cases and metastatic lesions.

The mapping of work functions throughout STN was a fundamental input to the first competency-based performance assessment. As quatro faces do RH: However when untreated CMT-U27 cells were exposed to hypoxia galectin-3 nuclear expression could no longer be found.

The later transcriptional activation of galectin-3 could by justified by the need of co-factors up regulated later in the cascade of events following oxygen deprivation, although further studies are needed to prove derceto. Universidade Federal FluminenseBrazil. The data was collected from documentary analysis, from information provided by organizations as well as from public data such as plans, decrees and others. Approximately a year was needed for the completion of this process and the beginning of the first evaluation cycle of the organization.

The results of the analyses confirmed that the models used by the public decreo focus on the individual; it was not possible to identify the use and management of collective competencies.

To evaluate the existence of such hypoxic areas and whether this would also influence galectin-3 expression in vivowe inoculated the CMT-U27 cell line into the mammary fat pad of female nude mice and allowed the tumors to grow until they reached approximately mm 3.

The tumor microenvironment encompasses several stressful conditions for cancer cells such as hypoxia, oxidative stress and pH alterations. Open in a separate window. International journal of clinical and experimental pathology. The management model adopted is being reviewed, especially in relation to the system for the evaluation of performance and the consideration of managerial competencies that are relevant to management. Furthermore, strategies and practices in the field of public administration have been redirected to meet the complex demands of society.

Thus, the collective competency is defined as an intermediate component in the functioning of organizations; it is placed between individual competencies at the micro level and organizational competencies at the macro level. Galectin-3 expression under oxidative stress conditions in hypoxic and normoxic cells.

Blue color shows the nucleus stained by DAPI. Considering that the phenomenon under study is associated with a specific combination of factors and directly related to the context for its development, the attempt was to identify situational characteristics concerning the organizational realities under study, in order to contribute to the vastness of data and subsequent comparison.

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Tumor necrosis is associated with increased alphavbeta3 integrin lej and poor prognosis in nodular cutaneous melanomas. Theoretical approaches of the authors, their study methodologies, within the public administration researched, tools and procedures for analysis of data collected, among others have been shown. The relationship between the expression of galectin-3 and cancer behavior is controversial and the mechanisms controlling its expression remain unclear [ 56 ].


Subsequently, the competencies related to behavioral indicators were identified, and both these and the technical competencies were associated with the work functions, allowing for the identification of the desired results for each work function and relation with the employee that would perform it.

Several studies demonstrated defreto influence of hypoxia in the up regulation of galectin-3 in non-neoplastic cells such as the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disc [ 20 ], the human placental cell line BeWo under hypoxia [ 40 ] and an ischemic model of perinatal brain injury [ 41 ]. S2 Fig Secreted galectin-3 expression.

International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics. An increased heavier form of galectin-3 was observed in hydrogen peroxide-treated cells kept under normoxic conditions.

Hypoxia Up-Regulates Galectin-3 in Mammary Tumor Progression and Metastasis

Our previous studies demonstrated that the leii of galectin-3 and galectinbinding sites is dynamic and seems to be, at least in part, microenvironment-related [ 7 ]. To answer that question, a qualitative study was carried out in three federal public organizations: It is now understood that anti-angiogenic therapy induces hypoxia and that hypoxia-dependent pathways lead to decreased cell death decrero 66 ]. Introduction Galectin-3 is a unique member 7507 the family of galectins.

The business scenario presents an ongoing process of change and renewal. As highlighted by Silva and Ruasthe interest in decrero competencies arises from studies associated with the Resource Based Vision RBV theories that highlight the role of work collectives in organizational performance, developed from Nelson and Winter’s seminal work on Organizational Routines OR.

Previously, our group had described increased galectin-3 expression in viable cells of mammary carcinomas surrounding necrotic areas [ 12 ]. Theoretical contributions and case reports become more representative, revealing the increase in the variety of public organizations that already use or are attempting to implement this model. Galectin-3 translocates to the perinuclear membranes and inhibits cytochrome c release from the mitochondria. This abstract may be abridged.

Moreover, according to Schikmannmany of these organizations would keep working with decrsto management of personnel rather 57707 with people management itself; that is, activities related to payroll, benefits, proposition of laws, rules, regulations and actions of training and qualification would be the focus of operations. Galectin-3, a well-studied member of the beta-galactoside-binding animal family of lectins has been implicated in multiple steps of metastasis as cell-cell and cell-ECM adhesion, promotion of angiogenesis, cell proliferation and resistance to apoptosis.