Hello everyone, I just stumbled upon a new daygame product called the Daygame Blueprint, by someone by the name of “Yad”. A lot of the stuff. Yosha how to approach girls on the street, directly & naturally Yosha’s HOW TO APPROACH GIRLS ON THE STREET DIRECTLY. For those men out there looking for the girl of your dreams, listen up – this Daygame Blueprint review will be for you. Day Game Blueprint program, created by.

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It is very analitical and it would show you the exact steps for the very start till the end in a very informative way.

Daygame Blueprint

On top of that there are interviews with David Wygant and Scot McKayas well as a book on effective body language for daygame by Rob Brinded. There are no fancy tricks in this program. Not sure whether she was hired or previously gamed. Meaning, Yad doesn’t do anything really unique that any other guy couldn’t do to get the same results.

The Language of Lust. Though it is simple, it is NOT easy to implement. The camera work is responsive, getting nice and tight on the presenters when they speak, bueprint giving a wide view for demonstrations. bluerpint

Is it a good deal? Watching DG Domination will change your mind. Some of the questions called out by audience members can’t be heard in some instances when they aren’t given a microphone. Why not simply film the infield videos in a quieter venue, like a museum? Everything is covered in detail and demonstrated live.

How To Meet Incredible Women In Everyday Situations

There are a few annoying things about DG Blueprint. There are no subtitles. The Girlfriend Activation System. Replace your fear with confidence.

Daygame Blueprint Reviews

It was very easy to find the right points in the course to get the help I needed. Is this a good daygame opener? The videos are high quality, with high production values. The rush is addictive, and makes it much easier to do daily. There are five different modules included, with a number of lengthy videos in each, as well as a bonuses section.


A lot of time is spent on demonstrating the correct way to approach a woman on the street, including the right body language, vocal tonality and what to actually say. I find that by-and-large, women where I’m from are far more difficult than women from North America.

Share your thoughts with other users: And his demonstrations of how he remains unreactive and handles the situation when his attempts at escalation don’t go smoothly are very educational. Take part in the Day Game Blueprint program. This is the best way to learn daygame meeting and attracting women during the day. From there you can use a few different techniques to pique her interest and stop the interaction from falling into a boring, interview-style conversation.

Hello everyone, I just stumbled upon a new daygame product called the Daygame Blueprint, by someone by the name of “Yad”. I’m personally a big fan of the Day Game concept more so than Night game. At least i found somthing to follow that i really like. This next part is for experienced daygamers.

Take part in blueprit program with confidence too because the program itself is just looking to help those who are struggling in attracting women. Age 32 Posts 5. Various teaching methods are well utilised — speaking, infield footage, live demonstrations, and audience questions, so any niggling thoughts you have should be addressed. A better overall product at a more affordable price is Say Hello by Christian Hudson. They have a lot of good advice on pickup.

If you want to go straight to the review, click Daygame Blueprint Bluepint. The intro and outro music is MUCH louder than the audio of the seminar. The exercises on assumption stacking will be particularly useful for nearly everybody watching this, and just getting an understanding of that alone will help boost your success.


Daygame Blueprint Review – Viva La Manosphere!

Reviewed by action April 02, Secrets of Sexualized Flirting. So with this in mind, women already have this mindset blueprinnt they KNOW they’re going to be approached by multiple guys. Enter your review’s title Enter a title for the review that summarizes your opinion. Was purchasing and using the product a smooth process? The area of attraction is covered in detail, including how to challenge a woman when you just meet her and how bluepriint ‘flip the script’ after you compliment her so you don’t give her all of the power.

But, other than that, this is one of the best. Does it have different content to other products? Mystery’s videos are always unwatchable because Mystery performs in loud daygamf and bars.

Attraction Almost 4 hours, multiple presenters Sections are: The first part of this program is known as “The Perfect Approach” and is viewable before you purchase the program. If you have any questions or concerns about this Day Game Blueprint review, please leave them in the comments section below.

Practicing daygame, its ddaygame good!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still daygamme beginner at this stuff so I’ve still got a LOT to learn in both areas, but I was VERY happy with my purchase of this product as they break everything down for beginners to advanced experience levels.

While there is a good attempt made to make sure they are given a microphone, there are times that this doesn’t happen. Has anyone got this program and watched it?