Untitled has 12 ratings and 2 reviews. The_book_b!tch said: So I see that in 9/ Trussoni wrote The Fortress, an autobiographical story about her fail. ANGELOLOGY. El libro de las generacionesTRUSSONI, DANIELLE. Comienza a leer. Nota media 5,82 Regular 65 votos 19 críticas. Angelologia – Danielle Trussoni. 11 likes. Book. Angelologia – Danielle Trussoni. Privacy · Terms. About. Angelologia – Danielle Trussoni. Book. 11 people like.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni. Part historical novel, fantasy, love story, thriller, and mystery. With Angelopolis, the conflict deepens into an inferno of danger and passion unbound. A decade has passed since Verlaine saw Evangeline alight from the Brooklyn Bridge, the sight of her new wings a betrayal that haunts him still. Now an elite angel hunter for the Society of Angelology, he pursues his mission with single-minded devotion: The ensuing chase drives Verlaine and his fellow angelologists from the shadows of the Eiffel Tower to the palaces of St.

Hardcoverpages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Angelopolisplease sign up. Someone paid for this to be published?! I expected one book not 3. I recently purchased and started reading a used copy of this sequel, but have not yet read the first novel.

Is there somewhere I can get a quick description of the types of angels and backstory going on in this book? Eduardo I did a basic rundown of it on ImpishIdea here: See all 4 questions about Angelopolis…. Lists with This Book.

Angelopolis is a disaster of a book. It begins well, with our hero from book 1, Verlaine, and his meeting with Evangeline. Evangeline is taken by Eno, an evil Emin angel, which is the start of our adventure to Dullsville. Trussoin spends an incredible number of pages dedicated to what each type of angel looks like, and what they do.

Equally, the dedication to Noah and his seed catalog is tiresomely drawn out. What is lacking from Angelopolis is a point. The actual emotions of the characters are so stilted and academic, it hurts.

The motivation is nil, and so the characters simply exist and perform the essential tasks needed to move the meager plot forward. In one passage, Verlaine “shivers” because “There was something in her manner that inspired a sense of fearlessness. The character that inspires fearlessness, said relatively little. In another instance, Vera has just awoken to find her party greatly reduced.

She hoped that her silence would be understood as a kind of vigil. These are moments to be taken advantage of in character development, but instead, Trussoni simply moves forward. After all, there’s boring and oddly executed action scheduled!

Equally troublesome are the settings that contain items that were previously not included. It’s troublesome when an author isn’t clear about the rules that govern the world she’s created. The angels either rest or need sleep, or they don’t. While I’m discussing things that don’t exist, let’s talk about the title. Apparently trussomi exists in the inner circle of the prison, but that’s the extent of the conversation. I can only conclude that Trussoni liked the sound of the word, and used it.


She had to put something about an Angelopolis in the book, and so we are fed lame lines that add up to nothing. Very little time is spent on creating a sense of fear and impending doom.

trsusoni We simply have to take it on the word of the Angelologists that the angels are evil. Let’s not forget that Evangeline is in danger and Verlaine must save her because he feels awe and flutters when she’s around. So, in what yrussoni be the stupidest section of the book, view spoiler [ Verlaine leaves Bruno and Yana from a security post because he’s tired of talking and goes angeloologia to find Evangeline in the prison alone.

He was going after Evangeline alone. Finally, the conclusion is horribly thrown together, and an ridiculous cliffhanger is tacked to the last page.

Quotes taken from an unedited e-galley. ARC provided by Netgalley. View all 16 comments. I was always in two minds about Angelology.

On the one hand I really loved the concept of the world, and had a fondness for the main characters Trissoni and Verlaine, but a rubbish ending when there was no promise of a sequel to follow made me feel it was just overall poorly executed. Then I read this and redefined my idea of what poorly executed means. Like the publishers received a terrible manuscript and thought: The story is rushed, the characters motivations a mystery and there are some dreadful continuity anyelologia.

Like in Angelology you have the continent hopping daniell of a Dan Brown-esque adventure novel. Trussoni has clearly done her research on ancient traditions and histories and her interweaving of her own angelic mythology into our real history is clever and satisfying.

Overall, I was left both confused and disoriented by poor transitions, rushed scenes, brushed over revelations and a load of historical info-dumping that, while interesting, rarely did anything to move the story forwards.

Untitled (Angelology, #3) by Danielle Trussoni

Except it had something to do with some flowers and a Faberge egg… Such a disappointment. Jun 20, Anna Richards rated it it was amazing. It has been four long months since I read “Angelology” by Danielle Trussoni; it was a book that I needed a week to recover from, I needed my mind to sink back into real life and to tear it’s self away from Characters that I had fallen in love with or grew to hate.

Today I read a short extract from the sequel “Angelopolis”, reintroducing us to Evangeline who was on the way to see her Great Uncle back in France. It has been three years since we last saw our heroine, but in just these few short page It has been four long months since I read “Angelology” by Danielle Trussoni; it was a book that I needed a week to recover from, I needed my mind to sink back into real life and to tear it’s self away from Characters that I had fallen in love with or grew to hate.

It has been three years since we last saw our heroine, but in just these few short pages it was magical to see the difference and of how much she appeared to have grown – and of course, I was left feeling desperate to know more What had she been doing all this time?

Danielle Trussoni

Had she not been true to herself in what appeared to be three “dark” years? Does her Uncle know more about her secret than she could possibly know? And will it lead her back to Verlaine? The extract re-opened my love for “Angelology” and made me more excited than ever to read this one Danielle Trussoni has a fantastic way of pulling fantasy, romance and unexpected twists all into one incredibly addictive page turner!


If you have not read “Angelology” I suggest you put it on your beach list, and if you have, like me, take it off the shelf and dive in again for another unforgettable divulge. View all 6 comments. In JuneI read Angelology in virtually one sitting.

After finishing it, I would periodically check to see if there was a publication release date for a sequel.


So, trussonu three years of anticipation, I eagerly began the sequel. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. Though I never felt lost in the sequel, it left me rather unsatisfied. The first book, in my memory at least, was a lushly written, layered novel that blended different periods in time with different narrative styles to create In JuneI read Angelology in virtually one sitting.

The first book, in my memory at least, was ange,ologia lushly written, layered novel that blended different periods in time with different narrative styles to create a unique debut.

Trussoni blended historical fiction with the fantastic – and threw in a bit of a literary mystery, too, with some romance. The characters felt realistic and the plot unraveled in a delicate balance of action, prose and context that kept the pacing quick The sequel felt completely different.

It was not lushly layered, nor was it a fast-paced novel. There were a few scenes bursting with action, but they were spread out few and far between the scenes that comprised the bulk of the book: Interesting lectures, yes, but it left little room for the characters to develop, grow or reveal meaningful relationships.

Danielle Trussoni – Wikipedia

There was little reminiscent here of the lush prose and interesting characters of the first book. The sequel picked up ten years after the events in Angelology but covered little of what seemed like the interesting action that took place during that period. This book really felt like it was paving the way for a third book, getting a lot of detail out of the way. And there were elements ttrussoni worked well here – I especially liked the historical artefacts that wove their way into the story – the Faberge eggs, Rasputin I will read the third novel, but I am not really looking forward to it in the same way that I thought I would have after finishing the first book.

View all 4 comments. Mar 23, Mizuki rated it liked it Shelves: Trusoni read the Chinese translation of this book, and I will merely run a simple list about the pros and cons of this novel: For example, who in his or her right mind would try to blow up a nuclear plane?

I really really wanted to canielle this book. She was my absolute favourite character and I danieelle her presence in this book more or less lacking.

The author claims it was to signal to Verlaine that she was not an ‘evil’ angel, however only pages previously I really really anggelologia to love this book.