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Reference 1a, above provides guidance concerning the eligibility and issuance for federal awards, while reference 1c, provides guidance concerning state awards.

Occupation of Germany, 2 May to 31 October Normal processing time is 60 days from the time it leaves this headquarters and days for brigadier generals 07 and above. A maximum of four achievements may be used. These devices are bronze to represent each additional award, a silver devices to represent the sixth through tenth award, and gold devices to represent the eleventh through fifteenth award. Performance of duties normal to the grade, branch, specialty or assignment, and experience of an individual is not an adequate basis for this award.

Total All Signal Units. They do not have Normandy Campaign Participation Credit because they served in England outside of the geographic boundaries of the Normandy Campaign. Ten years will then be subtracted from this date. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

PAM 672-1 Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register

Reserve service in other components does not qualify for issue of this award. Authorization is delegated to the first Lieutenant Colonel in a command position within the soldier’s chain of command for approval and issuance of this medal. Squads, d Signal Depot Company. The 672- Neptune Operations Plan s undated lists the th as having personnel and 72 vehicles. If coming directly from one of the above components, eligibility time is compiled backward in timeuntil continuous service with the Army Reserve, Ready Reserve Control Group or Army National Guard is broken.

Among these were traffic analysis units, an air liaison squadron, a signal intelligence supply unit, and an enemy equipment intelligence service EEIS detachment. Applications must be submitted to this headquarters at least 90 days in advance of planned presentation date.


Bill Thornton, veteran of the 50th Signal Battalion.

The request will be forwarded through command channels 672- the applicable major command. Exceptional command or leadership of a crew, team, section, squad or similar unit may be considered meritorious achievement or service. Commanders and Awards Boards will review the applicable portions of this pamphlet on a continuing basis in order that members of their commands may be considered for the appropriate level of award.

Landed about June 12, Constructed a 1, foot open-wire span over the Rhine Pa in eleven days, one of the world’s largest open wire spans.

Outstanding work performance for a year period is a good example of an achievement warranting an AAM. NGB Form 35, Certificate of Service, is issued to the soldier with total years service and number of years in the National Guard annotated. Foreign military unit members who were authorized to wear this unit award either wore the award on the right side of the uniform e. The citation in block 21 of the DA Form is limited to six lines.

Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation – Wikipedia

Defense Technical Information Center. This pace resulted in an average of one command post displacement dz three days.

DA form will be prepared Figure and The date the soldier entered this consecutive period of service or 3 Marchwhichever occurs last, will be utilized ;am determine ARCED. Awards presented in conjunction with a permanent change of station will be limited to exceptional cases. The approving authority for the Good Conduct medal is pa unit commander, and the awarding authority is The Adjutant General.

Justification may accrue by virtue of exceptionally meritorious service in a succession of important positions. Attached to the 9th Air Force Source: Military Assistance Advisory GroupIndo-China, [2] and other units who during August and September participated in humanitarian assistance to Vietnam.

The award is given for honest and faithful service in accordance with standards of conduct. The number of years of qualifying service was reduced to three years effective 762-1 March The Approval authority for this award is the General occupying the first federalized recognized Major General position in the soldier’s chain of command. The eligibility of current Title 32 AGR enlisted soldiers is not addressed in ARhowever xa National Guard Bureau has directed that the medal continue to be processed.


The narrative description of the meritorious service or achievement for the award of the MMS will be limited to block 20 of the DA Upon award of the sixth award is sliver Oak Leaf Cluster will be issued. The Institute of Heraldry. The citation in block 21 of the DA is limited to six lines single-spaced restricted to the space allowed on the DA A hour break in service renders that portion of service prior to the interruption not creditable.

Activated 10 January at Pinedale, California. Award certificates may be requested through DMNA publications. Rather, the award will reflect both the individual’s levels of responsibility and individual’s achievement or service enhanced the readiness or effectiveness of his or her organization will be the predominant factor. Unknown Republic of Vietnam The Legion of Merit is awarded to any member of the United States or of friendly nation who has distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements.

AR Awards :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

The Medal for Meritorious Service is awarded to any member of the Armed Forces of a friendly foreign nation who, while serving in a non-combat area after 16 Januaryhas distinguished himself or herself by outstanding meritorious achievement or service. Each procedure is designed to show who is eligible for each award, the particular standards, and how it is requested and processed. If enlistment was not into one of the Reserve Components, this date is disregarded, with the first Reserve Component oam date after the break utilized.

If the time in service in that Active Component is 2 years or less, determine the date of the last break in service.