Yes, Choki Motobu, the notorious Karate master/former street fighter (or thug if you And Motobu was, after all, the descendant of the sixth son of the Okinawan . Choki Motobu – In Japan there is a phrase, Jissen, which is used to distinguish real martial arts from what has been referred to as ‘garden party’ Karate. Master Choki Motobu: A Real Fighter by Graham Noble. Posterity has not treated all the old karate masters equally. Some have had their praises sung many.

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If you want my opinion, there is not even true warrior in today’s world. Determined not to let his abilities go to his head, Choki sensei began an earnest and humble investigation into the heart of karate that continued into his old age. They finally saw that it was me. At first, he had planned only a short homecoming, but as the war intensified and returning to Osaka became difficult, he decided to see out his last days in the place of his birth.

It has to be one movement, not two separate movements of the hand. While he did not create a particular Ryu that has a direct lineage from him and is considered his own particular method, his Kempo actually influenced the development of many different systems and mootobu particular the Kihon Kumite, basic sparring, chooi of many styles. I had to fight all those enemies alone. This demonstrates that Motobu was far more knowledgeable in terms of the kata than many have given him credit for.

Choki Motobu

When he traveled to Japan this worked to his detriment and contributed to misunderstanding mtobu him. Rate This Article Select your Rating. In choji event there was certainly some bad blood between them and this incident may very well have played a part in Motobu’s decision to go to Tokyo and seek out Funakoshi.


Yabu was Choki Motobu’s senior in karate by several years, and at the time of the contest Motobu may have been a comparative novice. A couple of guests hurried to help the now motionless butcher, who was crying in pain, and after considerable effort they were able to carry him all the way to his home.

Choki sensei sought instruction from all the great martial artists of his time and immersed himself in first-hand research into karate. The Search Begins Having been exposed to so many brilliant masters of the day and at such a young age, Motobu’s concepts of martial applications must have grown by leaps and bounds.

For another, Funakoshi never became involved in fights, whereas Motobu had the experience of numerous streetfights behind him and was a fighter by nature.

Shoshin Nagamine Techniques of the Masters: In his famous battle with the European heavyweight boxing champion, it is believed that this was the punch which knocked the opponent out. My father also told me that Matsumora remarked about you, that ‘When the man called Choki Motobu came to my Matsumora’s place, we practiced kumite.

As they sat around the elder master Choki Motobu, these men who shared their common interest in karate, engaged in heated martial art talks among choko.

When Choki sensei would return to Osaka, he would also give instruction to his son Chosei sensei. He was a good runner too, and Japanese karate expert Hiroyasu Tamae writes of one occasion when Motobu was fighting attackers then ran off, jumped nimbly onto a roof and began tearing off the roofing tiles and throwing them at his assailants, beating them off in this way. Not long afterwards he returned briefly to Okinawa for three months which he spent training with his brother Choyu.

The contents of this symposium were covered in a series of morobu newspaper articles titled Listen to the “Real Fighting Stories” of the Venerable Martial Artist Motobu Choki. Karatedo would now be a gentleman’s art whose ultimate purpose was self-cultivation.


– Choki Motobu: Through The Myth To the Man – Part 1

I clapped my hands and removed the mask, laughing. However, I did not use the flat of my hand to hit him. Another myth about Motobu is that he only knew one kata, the Naihanchin Tekki in the Shotokan version. By some accounts, however, Choki secretly looked on at his elder brother’s training and picked up many rudiments of the art.

Nagamine Shugyokan Shorin Ryu Dojo. Weapons – Okinawan, Japanese, Chinese, chiki. He is reported to have been very agile, which gained him the nickname Motobu no Saruor “Motobu the Monkey.

As the contestants entered the arena a cry arose from the crowd.


No surname or nationality is given in the article. Thus, a person of noble birth such as Choki sensei taking part in such fights was unheard of.

He was considered a strong child with a willful and fiery temperament, but athletically gifted and agile. So I trained very hard, and when I turned twenty-three, he couldn’t beat me any more. Retrieved from ” https: Matsumora from Tomari and some others used to go to Katabaru at night when the moon was mktobu bright. True, he was beaten in a shiai contest by Kentsu YabuItosu’s motovu student and a tough character, but we don’t know the full circumstances surrounding this.

To find more articles of interest, search on one of these keywords: If Motobu’s intent in traveling to Tokyo was to drive Funakoshi out, he didn’t succeed. In November ofwhile visiting Kyoto, he saw a sign advertising matches of judo vs.

However, where Choki Motobu really differed from other leading karate masters such as Funakoshi, Mabuni and Miyagi was in basing his style on the study of kumite.