Books shelved as sandilyan: கடல் புறா [Kadal Pura] by சாண்டில்யன், யவன ராணி [Yavana Rani] by சாண்டில்யன், ஜல த. Sandilyan’s Novels •Kadal Pura 1,2,3 (parts) •Yavana Rani 1,2 (parts) • Jalatheepam 1,2,3 (parts) •vasantha Kalam •Malai vasal •ManjalAaru •Raniyi. There’s a very popular one called Yavana Rani about a Tamil trader’s love affair with a Greek queen, and then there’s Kadal Pura, about a.

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Thanks a lot to ur article and One of my inspiration artist Latha’s great illustrations are really good and I want to use this cover artworks in my blog pages Thanks a lot again I’ve read quite a few over the years. I had the same trouble with me mum saying that they were too racy.

But when weeklies like Kumudham serialised Kadal Pura, I escaped mum’s strictures ; Latha, who I am almost certain is a male artist had some serious eyecandy. You’ve got to give it to Chandilyan for carrying the torch for Tamil literary sensuality, when the whole field was so sanitised and sterile.

Popular Sandilyan Books

I think Balakumaran was the next to have this sort of an effect in the mass publications. If nothing else Chandilyan introduced me to historicals, which in turn lead me to reading Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki, simply the best Tamil historical novel.


That whole book looks amazing We had the first chapter translated, wild description of the bustling market of Kalinga c.

When I was studying in middle school, Kannimadam was serialised in Kumudham.

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Sagar was the artist then. From that I became an ardent fan of Sandilyan. I chanced on a copy of Mannan Magal in a relatives house and finished the book in a single night.

I believe that it is his master piece. I don’t think I’ve seen either of those Thanks for the tip.

Hi, Artist Latha was the pseudonym used by late Shri. Rangarajan; he was my father’s maternal uncle; he passed away more than 18 years ago; he had a flair for painting beautiful eyes: Artist Latha died in his Forties. Cover Art by Latha. Pritham decided against including him, for several reasons he’s not really pulp–gets published in chandilyxn these days; the novels are really long; the action unfolds slowly, with a lot of elaborate flowery cahndilyan and romantic banter which is really really hard to get sounding smooth in translation.

Popular Sandilyan Books

We both sort of wish we could have done it, though. Pritham remembers that her mother read Chandilyan at home, but kept the books off-limits for her–“too racy”, it seems.


So naturally she read them as soon as she got the chance. She also remembers meeting the author a few times when she was young. I myself have been keen on learning more about the novels because a The author seems to be a perennial bestseller.

ennudaiya collections: April

There’s also a fair amount of blog discussion about the books. Most of them are apparently done by an artist named Latha, about whom I know nothing except that he or she is totally awesome. Check out this hardcover for the novel Rajathilagam. Posted by Blaft Publications at 5: Space Bar April 11, at 8: Blaft Publications August 27, at 2: Rengasamy Ramaswami November 8, at 1: Blaft Publications November 8, at 3: Viswa Praneet December 22, at 8: Srinivasa Chandilyxn August 5, at 6: Newer Post Older Post Home.