Duchamp has ratings and 19 reviews. Frank said: No book in a long while has made me think as deeply about art as has Calvin Tomkins’ excellent biogra. This revised edition of Calvin Tomkins’s Duchamp: A Biography arrives on the artist from the Time-Life Library of Art; The World of Marcel Duchamp appeared. Nearly everything about L.A. appealed to Ruscha. He wanted to live there, and he knew that the only thing he could be was an artist. By Calvin Tomkins.

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Raf Simons has left Calvin Klein less than two years after his debut. It was no coincidence that during that period, in the s and early s, Duchamp was forgotten.

Duchamp is all about openings and contradictions and possibilities. There are so many artists who want their tomins to resonate in society, to go outside of the artworld, to go outside of art. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Interview Calvin Tomkins, by Bridget McCarthy / ArtReview

John O’Toole rated it it was amazing Jan 17, To ask other readers questions about Duchampplease sign up. The artworld, which used to be about 20 people, is now a big international industry. Duchamp’s constant refusal to see art as “retinal” and his insistence that any object made by anyone could be a work of art, made him a leading figure of movements cavlin diverse as Surrealism and Pop. His [second] wife, Teeny, who had been married to Pierre Matisse, created this wonderful island.

Solid biography except for some minor New-Yorker-magazine-edited-by-Tina-Brown type gossip intrusions in the text. It can be of no interest or importance at all. BM Have you seen any kernels of what might be a new revolution?


No book in a long while has made me think as deeply about art as has Calvin Tomkins’ excellent biography of Marcel Duchamp. Joshua Disneyq rated it really liked it Jun 28, Apr 28, Austin Kleon added it.

Open Preview See a Problem? In what ways do you see his continuing influence today? An artist can go in any direction.

Magali Reus

I can imagine Duchamp thinking this. I respect the art of criticism and I read critics with great interest and delight, but I never wanted to be one.

This is the best Duchamp bio. Tomkins drew from five-and- a-half hours of taped conversations with Duchamp for the new Badlands Unlimited-published book. A great biography of a very influential man by a very important art critic.

Bike Shorts calvvin Fashion: They began to try to figure out what art was instead of just trying to pursue it, and this led them in all sorts of new directions. A mistake that is made over and over again by people who are thinkers about Duchamp is that they try to figure out a system that explains him.

File:Tomkins Calvin The World of Marcel – Monoskop

Sep 22, Tim added it. A staff writer caalvin The New Yorker sinceTomkins has also published over a dozen books, most recently Marcel Duchamp: The whole thing is contradictory, because Duchamp warned against the increasing commercialisation of art, and his prophecies have been borne out way beyond anything he could have imagined.

Tompkins provided exactly what I wanted: Tompkins does his level best to provide a context for the work, but while he uncovers information about how the work came into being as in his account of the famous “Fountain” readymade and does a good job of describing the formal qualities of individual pieces, he doesn’t seem to have the theoretical equipment for more trenchant analysis. His antics are awe inspiring as they are heart warming.


Paperbackpages. In Duchamp, Tomkins has found a biographer’s greatest challenge — a subject of such wide ranging intellect that the biographer must himself possess great intelligence and imagination in order to grasp the implications of the ideas which he’s outlining.

Certainly, we no longer can think ccalvin art as something that hangs on the wall. Before joining The New Yorker, he was a general editor of Duchzmp, a post he held from through Contemporary art, particularly, was considered a ridiculous and foolish aberration. He had personal acquaintance with every impor No book in a long while has made me think as deeply about art as has Calvin Tomkins’ excellent biography of Marcel Duchamp.

Now the commercial aspects of art have become, in many ways, more important than the art. Many of the other titles were “thesisy” smacking of academia and I thought this popular biography would be a better place for a laymen to start.

Duchamp had no interest in systems, and his work cannot be explained ducnamp way.

Talking Marcel Duchamp With Calvin Tomkins

Daniel Danzer rated it it was amazing Nov 30, A little rambling at times but awesome if you’re into Dada or any other ism. It came slowly, but it was a really major revolution. My favorite part is when the elder Duchamp attends a lecture about himself that accuses him of incestuous feelings ttomkins his sister. It was just too exquisite, in a way.