ICONOCLASH: Beyond the Image Wars in Science, Religion and Art [Bruno Latour, Peter Weibel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For instance, Bruno Latour argues that scientific iconoclasms–which he terms iconoclashes so as to highlight their contestation –differentiate facts (scientific. Exhibition view “Iconoclash” Website: ; Credits. Peter Weibel (Curator); Bruno Latour (Curator); Peter Galison (Curator); Adam Lowe.

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Image wars are everywhere, from the Taliban destruction iconovlash the Buddhas to the doubts about scientific imagery, through the debunking of media powerful manipulations. State Library of Queensland.

Tags What are tags? The first injunction is an appeal to get rid of all images, to become an iconoclast; the second is an appeal to respect images as our only possible mediation, to become an iconophile. Laura Mulvey, Mark Lewis: Kelvin Grove Campus Library.

Public Private login e. This single location in Tasmania: The quandary of the many artists, saints, scientists, militants who populate latoour chapters of this book is that they are taken in between those two contradictory urges; this is what we call an iconclash, iconoclashh is, a deep uncertainty on the power, sanctity, and violence of images. By linking the three domains of theology, art and science all at once, the aim is not to increase the critical mood or to reinforce disbelief and irony.

University of Western Australia. Separate different tags with a comma.

Art and religion — Exhibitions. The semantic range of the term iconoclasm increased during the years of rise of Protestantism and the Catholic Reformation. None of your libraries hold this item.


Skip to main content. The general drama that is being set in the book ltour the sort latuor double bind in which we are put by two contradictory injunctions: Keyword for Avant-Gardism as Explicative Force.

University of Sydney Library. This book is a most comprehensive anthology about the image latoud, as it joins for the first time different cultures from West to East, different epochs from Middle Ages to modernism, different practices from science to art, in the search for an understanding of the nature of the image.

The University of Sydney. Hiding the name and location of the collection in which the paintings will appear, the artist wilfully decided not to control who, when, for how long and how many visitors will end up licking — or not — the piece, relegating its fate or doom to a series of uncontrollable variables and circumstances.

University of Western Australia Library. Art, Modern — 20th century — Themes, motives — Exhibitions.

What is Iconoclash ? or Is there a world beyond the image wars ?

These 9 locations in New South Wales: In a sense, it is not about the image itself at all. One final point that needs some further explication here is that the destruction of images is always linked to an opposition to certain practices and individuals.

Be the first to add this to a list. This destruction occurred in waves from the perioduntil the desecrations were finally ceased by the restoration of orthodoxy on the first Sunday of Lent in Reynolds Roberto Kutcher W. Instead of being valued for its utility, Marx argues that the commodity becomes valuable only insofar as it contains the objective products of labor as value, thus imbuing commodities with the social relations of individuals see CapitalVol.


This alternative history of the Western obsession with image worship and destruction will allow the establishment of less biased comparisons with other cultures influential ionoclash the rest of the world for which images have a very different role to play.

The concept of iconoclasm entails a contestation over—and destruction of—images coinciding with a belief in the fallacious nature of their representation. Halbertal, Moshe and Margalit, Avishai. Accompanying program Sun, July 14, 6 pm Sandeep Bhagwati: The exhibit aims to display, in a systematic confrontation, three great clashes about representation — about its necessity, sanctity, and power — in the domains of science, art, and religion.

For the latter, bruni chase is meant to end with the triumph of the desire and the disappearance of the piece: If the iconoclast did not believe thus and did not feel a need to impose his own practices upon another individual or group, there would be no point at all in destroying the image.

Iconoclash. Beyond the Image Wars in Science, Religion, and Art | ZKM

It aims at moving beyond the image wars by showing that behind this dramatic history of destruction of images, something else has always been going on: Edith Cowan University Library. Gibt es eine Welt jenseits des Bilderkrieges? On the contrary, the aim is to transform iconoclasm from being an indisputable resource into a topic to be systematically interrogated.