Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology [Bruce Sterling] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of tales by the best new science. comes not only after Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology (), the defining cyberpunk short story collection edited by Bruce Sterling. A collection of tales by the best new science fiction writers of the eighties, including Greg Bear, Pat Cadigan, William Gibson, Rudy Rucker, Lewis Shiner, Tom.

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Overall, I gave it three stars because some of the stories are definitely worth reading, almost all towards the end of the book. Privileged, that is, by virtue of having paid a substantial sum, but then what is privilege if not having that option?

The stories are all over the place, but they show fantastic imagination. They are the symbol of the sunstaring visionary, the biker, the rocker, the policeman, and similar outlaws. Pat Cadigan Goodreads Author. This anthology got off to a pretty disappointing start, but fortunately I stuck with it because by the end there were some pretty good stories.

There is something trippy about reading a year-old sci fi story, set approximately now, about the Soviet Union Reading it odd years later,this is rather hard to see. Perhaps because the book came out before many of the fun tropes that one associates with the genre, i.

Jun 27, Rob rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Holls A scanned copy is available from the Open Library run by archive. I am not a big fan of short stories. Gibson’s “The Gernsback Continuum” feels like a bad piece of his “cool sterlinb post-cyberpunk days, despite being his first published story.

In another era this combination might have seemed far-fetched and artificial. Feb 16, D.

Mirrorshades : the CyberPunk Anthology edited by Bruce Sterling, (Anchor House, 1986).

In that respect it serves to highlight the overlap between cyberpunk and traditional military sci-fi which was to grow over the years. Other than Dangerous Visions, is there a more lauded and groundbreaking multi-author anthology in science fiction than Mirrorshades?

The soundtrack to that, alongside another PC game I used to play called “Megarace” are among a few I would name that were ahead of their time, and aged surprisingly well. Mirrored sunglasses have been a Movement totem since the early days of ‘ Thus, “cyberpunk” – a label none of them chose.


More an art piece envisioning a blackened, war torn city of the future, filling this story in original fashion are a potpourri of weapon details, fashion statements, and techy neologisms. I’m just going to give a brief summary of all the stories and my reactions to them in the following. As writers, we owe a debt to those before us, those SF writers whose conviction, commitment, and talent enthralled us and, in all truth, changed our lives.

This is the cyberpunk most imagine the sub-genre to be. But its in the aftermath of the concert where the story finds its meaning.

The work of the cyberpunks is paralleled throughout the Eighties pop culture: The first dealt with a man who had his eyes stolen by organ theves and struggling within the urban jungle he lived in until a chance opportunity gets him back on his feet. Sterling does cite Harlan Ellison as one of the influences of those writing in the sub-genre, and this is very Ellisonesque in its style and content.

Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology

mirrorshwdes I think to start off the collection as far as shaping it, it was good, but it wasn’t the strongest effort I’ve read from Gibson. Or even a near future where Russia’s space program is folding? Published July 1st by Ace first published The eleven authors here are only a part of this broad wave of writers, and the group as a whole already shows signs of remarkable militancy and fractiousness.

Mirrorshades are what determines the bad cop from the good cop in The Lego Movie. Scratch music, whose ghetto innovators turn the phonograph itself into an instrument, producing an archetypal Eighties music where funk meets the Burroughs cut-up method.

Just started the book but already love it The following is a brief introduction to each. And “Mozart in Mirrorshades” is a fun alternate history story. And, somehow, group labels never stetling fit the individual, giving rise to an abiding itchiness. Simply put, Houdini is set increasingly fantastic situations from which to escape — to the extent of a nuclear bomb being dropped — and he manages, with brio, to continue his escapological feats.


When everywhere you go cookies are recording your choices, advertising companies can predict your needs and your boss is your friend on Facebook, you need to be careful about what you download on Kindle.

This integration has become our decade’s crucial source of cultural energy.

Mirrorshades : the CyberPunk Anthology edited by Bruce Sterling, (Anchor House, ). | Best SF

Ultimately, Mirrorshades feels less like a visionary work and more like mirrorshadex warmed-over Dangerous Visions for the Eighties.

Thus this anthology’s title, a well-deserved homage to a Movement icon. The even more powerful theme of mind invasion: This book is interesting as a historical piece, and as a documentation of why “movements” in SF tend to not survive beyond the key novels that define them.

From the New Wave: Brief short story collection from the early days of cyberpunk, with some authors that you’d consider it Gibson, Cadigan, Rucker, Sterling and some you wouldn’t Greg Bear.

But for the most part the consensus was that we would travel deep into the galaxy pretty much as we are now — Biggles in space. But times have changed since the comfortable era of Hugo Gernsback, when Science was safely enshrined – and confined – in an ivory tower. Preview — Mirrorshades by Bruce Sterling. Stone Lives is a sort of rags-to-riches cyberpunk story, which makes it a fair bit different than the typical “I’m poor and life is awful” cyberpunk narrative. mirrorshases

Jul 22, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: Bruce Sterling y Lewis Shiner. One was co-authored by William Gibson who is actually my favorite cyber-punk author.

Return to Book Page. And, as such, they are constant points of reference for cyberpunk.