Blood Trinity: Book 1 in Belador Series [SHERRILYN KENYON: DIANNA LOVE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Paranormal romance. Editorial Reviews. Review. ” new Belador series explodes onto the urban fantasy scene with Blood Trinity: Book 1 in the Belador Series (Beladors) by [ Kenyon, . Sherrilyn Kenyon is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of several. Find out more about Blood Trinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos & more.

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She wants your middle-schooler to stop publishing this crap. It’s gets worse trinit is accused of something that is against her strict rules with the Beladors. Overall, I absolutely adored this story!

Ways to know your book is horrible: The demon shook his head and mumbled under his breath, then continued on as though reluctant to pass up the human. Evalle paused, perfectly still. Especially while hunting them.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. WHich is one of the things I don’t usually care fro in UF books. Then again, perfumed crap still stank no matter what you did.

Add to Cart Add to Cart. Shiva, the Celts and Nigerian magic all smashed together?

Blood Trinity | Book by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Evalle is prickly, justifiably so, and funny. Evalle had been brought into VIPER once again and questioned extensively about her ability to sherrilyb involuntary shifting. I find it a bit ironic that the reason I decided to read these books was the same reason that so ksnyon readers disliked them. No matter how hard she triesit will never be good enough because of who she is and that pisses me off.


Blood Trinity

Sherrllyn Dark-Hunter’s Sin is not an asshole! Sep 22, Danielle rated it liked it. I was really disappointed since im a huge fan of sherrilyn kenyon I wasn’t expecting such an unlively story. Evalle is paired with a mysterious man named Storm. When she stopped spinning, she faced him.

She clenched the handle of her dagger. He dropped down over her, landing his knees on each side of her legs, arms arched menyon his head with claws extended to attack and a mouth full of teeth open to rip a chunk off her body.

By the end of this book I just felt like Evalle cant catch a break. The action is cool. To make matters worse, someone is controlling different demons to attack a human to make it look like an Alterant did it.

Blood Trinity ONE Evalle kept a city block between her and the Cresyl demon skulking along Peters Triinty through one of the riskier sections of downtown Atlanta after dark. I was unsure about this book. I am starting to get that all the books written with Dianna Love have very shallow icy characters. All her life, Evalle Kincaid has walked the line between the two. Even temporary suspension would be unbearable, because it meant having her powers stripped to a minimal level.

Dark-Hunter, Chronicles of Nick and The League, and her books are available in over countries where eager fans impatiently wait for the next release. As Quinn would say, bloody inconsiderate wankers. Evalle Kincaid is the first person of mixed heritage that we meet and our first impression of her is that she’s terrified that the others will learn of her difference. OMG what a great surprise.


Apr 13, Megan Holley rated it liked it Recommends it for: The writing is clunky and extremely redundant. Nov 17, Parajunkee rated it liked sehrrilyn Shelves: However it is an entertaining book that invites the reader into a new world and great escapist fiction. Any use of an author photo must include its respective photo credit Author Photo jpg: However whilst trying to find the stone Evalle has to deal with the Tribunal – a mix of mythological gods that would like nothing more than to lock her away as well as a tribe of immortals who want the stone so that they can go back and kill all beladors.

The message was simple: Your protagonist starts off captured in a cell for a crime she didn’t commit yada yada yada yet spends passages describing the “muscley pounds of badass tapering into his jeans” cuffed to the wall across from her. I would have sherrilhn the book more if she had used a different name other than SK, because her writing style is so different, I seemed to expect more from this book, comparing it to her other series.

Hunters, this book focuses on one character evalle. Not exa This was a near random audiobook pick from the library.

The introduction to her pet is one of my favorite parts of the book.