The Biography of Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa as The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (Mylapore: Sri Ramakrsna Math, ), Book 1, p. Born in a rural Bengal village in India, Sri Ramakrishna was the fourth of five children . and the Erotic in the Life and Teachings of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. “Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa born Gadadhar Chattopadhyay was a Hindu religious teacher and an influential figure in the Bengal Renaissance of the.

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A short biography of Ramakrishna

Not all Brahmos were uncritical admirers of Ramakrishna. He could read and write in Bengali. The mud hut has been replaced by a brick one. The Paranahamsa conducts extensive work in health care, disaster relief, rural management, tribal welfare, elementary and higher education. In doing so, Ramakrishna completely identified himself with Hanuman, he ate and walked like a monkey, spent much of his time in trees and his biograaphy got a restless look like the eyes of a monkey.

He emphasised God-realisation as the supreme goal of all living beings. He was a force of revival to re-energise the decaying Hinduism in nineteenth century Bengal. However far and in whatever direction I looked, I saw shining waves, one after another, coming towards me. While he was alive, however, there was little of an active movement. Emblem Of Ramakrishna Order.

At the end of this sadhana, he attained savikalpa samadhi—vision and union with Krishna. Ramakrishna preferred “the duality of adoring a Divinity beyond himself to the self-annihilating immersion of nirvikalpa samadhi”, and he helped “bring to the realm of Eastern energetics and realization the daemonic celebration that the human is always between a reality it has not yet attained and a reality to which it is no longer limited”.


In the course of a few days a change came over Sri Ramakrishna.

In Ramakrishna suffered from throat cancer. Clarke, Peter Bernard Men, women and children – everybody loved him. Ramakrishna, Aurobindo, and the Freedom of Tradition”. In India, a mother is often idealized as one who sacrifices herself for her children and goes to great lengths to satisfy them, and bring them happiness.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa Biography – Life, Facts, Teachings, Contributions

Ramakrishna looked upon the world as Maya and he explained that avidya maya represents dark forces of creation e. Regarding Ramakrishna’s treatment of her, Sarada Devi said, “I was married to a husband who never addressed me as ‘tui.

As a priest Ramakrishna performed the ritual ceremonies—the Shodashi Puja the adoration of womanhood —and considered Sarada Devi as the Divine Mother.

The movement is considered as one of the revitalisation movements of India. His next duty was to attend to the daily worship of his household God Raghuvir. He eventually gathered and organized a group of followers, led by his chief disciple Swami Vivekananda, who continued his work as a monk following Ramakrishna’s death in Ramakrishna describes his first vision of Kali as follows: Ramakrishna moved to Calcutta in the year and started assisting his elder brother in the priestly work.

After the marriage, Sarada stayed at Jayrambati and joined Ramakrishna in Dakshineswar at the age of For him, various religions were only a means to reach the Absolute. Despite initial reservations, Vivekananda became Ramakrishna’s most influential follower, popularizing a modern interpretation of Indian traditions which harmonised Tantra, Yoga and Advaita Vedanta.

It is reported that Ramakrishna’s parents experienced various supernatural incidents, visions before his birth. Journal of the American Academy of Religion. He saw the imposition of strict adherence to each second on the watch as a roadblock to spirituality.


The five-year-old bride, Saradamani Mukhopadhyaya later known as Sarada Devi was found and the marriage was duly solemnised in A Source-book of modern Hinduism. In the course of explaining the word trance in the poem The Excursion by William WordsworthHastie told his students that if they wanted to know its “real meaning”, they should go to “Ramakrishna of Dakshineswar.

He was a praamahamsa figure in revival of Hinduism in Bengal at a time when intense spiritual crisis was gripping the province leading to predominance of young Bengalis embracing Brahmoism and Christianity. Ramakrishna was married to five-year old Saradamoni Mukhopadhyay from a neighbouring village when he was twenty three years of age in He began to look upon the image of the goddess Kali as his mother and the mother of the universe.

Sayings of Holy Mother Sarada Devi.


He realised, on the one hand, the Ideal set up by each of the various sects of the Hindu religion, and on the other, xri Ideal of Islam and that of Christianity. Journal paramagamsa Religion and Health. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A simple man, sometimes with childlike enthusiasm, he explained the most complex concepts of spiritual philosophies in most simple parables, stories and anecdotes. Likewise, Ramakrishna’s mother, Chandra Devi, had visions that her next born would be a divine god-like child.

There Vivekananda’s message of universalism was well received and he attracted widespread support.