The aim of this study is to compare two pulpotomy medicaments in primary molars Pulpotomy Dental Caries, Drug: Biodentine Drug: ProRoot. Extensive Decay in Primary Molars, Drug: Biodentine pulpotomy Drug: White MTA Pulpotomy using Tempophore as pulpotomy medicine in a control group. Biodentine pulpotomy was performed followed as pulpotomy medicament in primary molar teeth, on follow-up it was found to be successful.

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Biodentine Pulpotomy in Mature Permanent Molar: A Case Report

One hundred and eighteen articles were reviewed as well as some references of selected articles. No differences were found between the clinical and radiographic success rates at any of the 3 time points tested. Clinical evaluation of the performance and safety of a new dentine substitute, Biodentine, in the restoration of posterior teeth – a prospective study. Support Center Support Center. The aim of this review was to compare the clinical and radiographic success of Biodentine compared to MTA.

However, the setting pulpotoy for CEM is nearly 50 minutes as compared to Biodentine, which has a setting time of 12 minutes.

Journal List J Conserv Dent v. InGjorgievska et al. Follow-ups Periodic follow-ups were carried out at 24 hours; 1 week; 30 days; 3, 6, 12, and 18 months. Studies have shown that in older patients, typically more fibrous dental pulp has a reduced ability to overcome insult due to less cellularity with limited blood supply affecting the treatment outcomes in such cases [ pulpltomybiodentinee ]. A survey of the available literature shows that there are yet few published case reports and clinical trials with many non-published ongoing clinical trials that include the usage of biodentine in pulpotomy [ 28 – 313338 ].


It is usually undertaken in teeth with open apices or thin dentinal wall to promote root development. In comparison with the routinely used calcium hydroxide, biodentine is much superior regarding the tissue reaction as well as the amount and type of dentin bridge formation [ 5619 ]. Biodentine has an excellent sealing ability with mineral tags in the dentin tubules with outstanding microleakage resistance, enhanced by the absence of shrinkage due to the resin-free formula [ 5 ].

Coronal pulpotomy technique analysis as an alternative to pulpectomy for preserving the tooth vitality, in the context of tissue regeneration: Ann Jose ankara escort. This also demands a pulp-capping material which sets faster and can be covered with an esthetic restorative material. The following was checked: While formocresol acts only as dressing material, which needs a restorative material to seal the pulp chamber, biodentine acts simultaneously as both dressing and filling material [ 645 ].

Success depends on a good understanding of pulp biology, the use of appropriate materials, and sound technical procedures.

The Dental Elf

These signs and symptoms indicate a vital pulp which is worthy of preservation. Calcium enriched mixture has similar properties to Biodentine. The procedure of pulpotomy was explained to the patient and an informed consent was taken. A Review of Literature.

Biodentine pulpotomy several days after pulp exposure: Four case reports

There was no tenderness on percussion and no associated sinus opening adjacent to the involved teeth. Biodentine is available as powder in a capsule and liquid in a pipette. In accordance to the favorable results of our cases, a reasonable argument supporting mature tooth pulpotomy in cases of irreversible pulpitis can be stated. On the remaining radicular pulp, a suitable biocompatible material is packed to protect the pulp from further insult and initiate healing and repair [ 3 pulpotomj.


History revealed trauma to the tooth 5 days back. A comprehensive literature review – Part III: The necrotic zone generated initially by the calcium hydroxide’s high pH at this stage becomes an almost ideal incubation place for bacterial growth. Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Follow up radiographs after 6 and 18 months. Direct pulp capping with mineral trioxide aggregate: Additionally, Aggarwal et al.

Biodentine pulpotomy several days after pulp exposure: Four case reports

There was no inflammatory pulp response [ 10 ]. Biodentine induces TGF-b1 release from human pulp cells and early dental pulp mineralization. Profile cancel Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Facebook. A year-old male patient reported to our department with the complaint of a fractured upper front tooth. Since a long time, calcium hydroxide has been used widely as an apical plug in teeth with necrotic pulps and open apices [ 47 ].

The use of vital pulp therapy is, however, not necessarily confined to developing teeth.