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Although it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, it was still a good read.

Although, at some moments it was not needed, the use of this language did not make a dow Bringing Down the House is an action packed book with many scenes that keep the reader wanting more.

When the movie “21” based on this book was released last year, the Boston Sunday Globe’s magazine section ran an dwn on the book, its author and some of the famed MIT players.

They might as well still be with their ways of ensuring that only they can win the big pot. Other important aspects of the book is the journey the team went through and the personal struggles of Kevin. Bringing Down the house is a good read. Hoyse last snippet of this dude’s literary brilliance: Jun 20, Crumb rated it really liked it.

Jun 28, K. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions” by Ben Mezrich is a nonfiction work that takes a look at a group of MIT graduates and dropouts who develop and perfect a card counting system, which they use to great effect.

Filled with tense action and incredibly close calls, this is a real-life adventure that could have stepped straight out of a Hollywood film. The characters and well described places really brought me into the book, and into the world of Kevin Lewis. I could see how easily dosn could get caught up in th This bood reads like a suspense novel- an easy read, that I finished in one sitting.


I disliked Bringing Down the House, and can’t understand emzrich everyone I know who’s read it has raved about it. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions. Readers would enjoy this book if they like a lot of suspense. Even some of the characters are just mixtures of the real people.

Bringing Down the House Review

Nonfiction can be much more skillfully done than this. The author uses his unique format to let you be able to tge how Kevin bsn from the outside. Books by Ben Mezrich. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Chapter 9 Thirty Thousand Feet, November The dialog between characters also helps us understand them. It really made me want to keep reading. If you are a real winner, they will hunt you down and ban you.

Bringing Down The House « Ben Mezrich

The book version is tamed which is expected because it is based on actual events while the movie was exaggerated for cinematic event. Though published as a factual account and originally categorized under “Current Events” in the hardcover Free Press edition, Bringing Down the House “is not a work of ‘nonfiction’ in any meaningful sense of the word,” according to Globe reporter Drake Bennett.

This eventually caused a big problem with the group, and eventually made the group split.

I think that if I was in the shoes of one of the characters I would react in a similar way. There’s a lot of this in the book, and to say that Mezrich has a tin ear for dialogue would be to play the game on his level.


Bringing Down the House

It’s the TRUE story as the title indicates of a bunch of MIT students, brilliant with numbers, who work out a sophisticated card-counting scheme that they use to win millions of dollars from various casinos over the course o Let me say this first: When just a small blackjack club turns out to be a ring of card savants with a system for playing large and winning big!

Also, because many of the people in the book are composites of two or more people, it makes me wonder what, if anything, from the book i The book is well written, but what is irritating is that it holds itself out as a non-fiction, but after reading about the book online, it appears the book is far more fiction then non-fiction.

This action-packed book provides readers with the inside scoop on what living life as a professional card counter entails. We are introduced to Tay in this chapter, quickly discovering that he will make a nice asset to the team. Towards the beginning of this chapter, we discover that the IRS is doing an audit investigation on Kevin.

Nothing is slow in their life, and the book demonstrates that idea. The person that the book is centered around has apparently admitted several key scenes from the book didn’t happen, and that many other scenes were similarly fabricated.