Page Advanced Embedded Automatic Car Parking System. 1, using this system these people can automatically know which lane is vacant for parking the car. This paper Microcontrollers AT89C51 Block Diagram. This project allows to enter car in parking lot using IR sensor as detector. AT 89C51 BASED AUTOMATIC CAR PARKING/ SPACE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The project involves a system including infrared transmitter and receiver Automatic car parking indicator using Microcontroller Free-shipping.

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Hi Ramesh, there are few limitations, the range of the sensor is low. To make this project software based, you can develop some software which can run on computer. Question and answers about this project: And in case of LDR, micorcontroller is scope for false triggering due to sunlight or headlight of car. HI wasim bhat, Please download the synopsis from the download button provided on this page above block diagram. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Empty slot is indicated by the respective glowing LED.

Automatic Car Parking Indicator System

You will get a CD with this project: Hi Mousmi, yes this sensor is triggered by any obstacle. Microcontro,ler Ivan, signal sent by IR sensor is Infrared light.

Can we use iris motes for communication between slots where we will deploy PIR sensors then the information of slots will be transmitted to zigbee and Do PIR sensors have compatibility with Iris Motes. Can we use this project for multiple level parking like using Elevator or something like that? Hi Anand, the current hardware of the project supports aitomatic 4 slots.


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We can place the 2 slots on ground floor and 2 slots on first floor. So considering all these points we have finalized to use IR module. CD contains following things: So we will reply you. Currently, the system can monitor only 4 parking slots.

Automatic Car Parking Indicator System using microcontroller

These limitations can be removed with further modifications in this circuit. Hi Mamta, sorry we can not implement Iris Motes for this project. But RF does not require line of sight communication. It can count the number of cars parked in a whole day. Display unit is installed on entrance of parking lot which will show LEDs for all Parking slot and for all parking lanes. However we can not implement the elevator section. So the person entering parking area can view the LED display and can decide which lane to enter so as to park the car.

We can add pick and place facility to pakring the cars automatically. Now days in many multiplex systems there is a severe problem for car parking systems.

Hi Shiva, we have not provided any barrier gate in this project. We have provided a computer connector with this project.


So the need is to develop a system which indicates directly which parking slot is vacant in any lane. Similar or Related Projects: Do you have automated parking lot with a robotic arm added to it to to place the car into the available parking slots?

Automatic car parking indicator using Microcontroller Download Synopsis of the project Description: For LED display we can 4: Hi Dinesh, we can ship this project to Malaysia. Hi Justin, Please download the synopsis from the download button provided on this page above block diagram. Conventionally, car parking systems does not have any intelligent monitoring system.

This depends on number of pins of microcontroller. This software can show in and out time of car. Video of the project: Use of automated system for car parking monitoring will reduce the human efforts.

Using metal detectors and Microvontroller cameras security of the parking area xutomatic be enhanced.

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Check this box to confirm you are human. This can be expanded in the sense of security. You can use this string to get data from the project.

And regarding LCD display, it is used to show the status of parking slots. We can connect 16 slots to the microcontroller.